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  7. 1930s OLYMPIA BEER Co-GMC T-70 Canvas Bed AHL/HARTOY S/Sn3/1;64

1930s OLYMPIA BEER Co-GMC T-70 Canvas Bed AHL/HARTOY S/Sn3/1;64

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Description for this item:... 1930 OLYMPIA BEER Co GMC T-70 Canvas Flat Bed... AHL/HARTOY Models S/Sn2/Sn3/Sn42 1:64-SCALE... Product Description: Above/Right picture illustrates model, colors & condition of this vehicle. Most of these trucks are still covered with the original packaging from the...
Part Number: L04033
Availability: In Stock.

Product Description:

*NEW* from Scale Model Masterpieces!OLYMPIA BEER Co 1930s GMC T-70 Canvas Bed 

AHL/Hartoy NOS Sn3/1:64 MIB/Sn2/Sn3 1:64-Scale

 #L04033 Very Limited Supply!

This is for a single listing of the above 'TITLED' item. We currently have numerous similar items to this listed in various categories. Be sure to check the "Sn3/Sn2 1:64-Scale" links to the left to see all of these great listings.

The above image best describes this Listing. These Emergency, Delivery Trucks/Vans, Autos, Buses, Horse-Drawn Wagons May have/may not have people. If you see people in the image it's a safe bet that there are 1/64 people in the box. If a box is shown in the image the box for this/these vehicle(s) pictured are in Excellent to Fair condition. However, the vehicles and people (if any) are probably brand new and never taken out to be played (unless stated)—just collectors. As always, when in doubt, ASK QUESTIONS!