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4-Jar Weathering Solution Set #3 w/How-To Booklet #1-Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium

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Doctor Ben's Ready-To-Use Weathering Solution Set #3 #1180 4-4oz Jars!... About This Auction... *NEW* Doctor Ben's 8-Piece Special Weathering Solution Set of 8-4 oz Bottles including Brand New Products!! (#1181)... It has been more than four years since we introduced a *new* Weathering Solution. Not...
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Ready-To-Use Weathering Stain fo

  Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium Weathering Solution Set #3

This #1182 Weathering Solution Set includes: Realistic Rust (#1150), Instant Age (#1152), Weathered Rust (#1154), & Muddy River Bottom (#1160) all of which are Ready-To-Use Weathering Solutions (4oz jar) for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal©, Metal & Much MoreDoctor Ben's Antique White Weathering Stain

Using this Doctor Ben's Product: We sincerely believe that this is the most realistic topical application that you will ever find-guaranteed! 

Realistic Rust is more like the rust that you would see metal-on-metal like that sliding steel door scraping on the steel surface or bracing of a boxcar or metal shed—and then dampened by the morning dew slowly etching away at the metal surface; 

Instant Age is ideal for that dark full coverage and thinning Doctor Ben's Instant Age by 50% or more will flow into cracks and crevasses creating the illusion of shadows and depth; 

Weathered Rust differs from Realistic Rust in that it is more like the rust that you would see on old farm equipment sitting out in the field—dampened by the morning dew slowly etching away at the metal surface; & 

Muddy River Bottom is that brownish-greenish muck often found at the bottom of a stagnant river bed or stream and somehow makes it way onto buildings, auto and equipment.. All of these Doctor Ben's products are is intensely strong but easily thinned with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol to reduce its preferred intensity.

All of the products in this set are topical applications that do not affect the surface integrity of the model. However, the more porous the surface, the more difficult it is to remove. This product has built in adhesive polymers that enable it to stick to any surface. Get too much on and want to remove it? Not a problem, use Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol to remove and try again. Read about all the great uses in our How To #1 "Turning Toys into Models" booklet and in our website Blog. You will not be disappointed

A Little More About This Product:

This product works best in conjunction with other Doctor Ben's Weathering Products as well as competitor products. We recommend trying Realistic Rust on top of Instant Age and vise versa. As with all of our products, for the ultimate realism, apply turning your object upside down allowing gravity to pull the residue to the top of the protrusions. This way when you turn it right side up, the residue is not running down towards the bottom of the models and the effect looks just like real life.

Above How-To booklet is included free in this Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution Set.

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