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This is the Built-up Model/Diorama!


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*BUILT-UP* Bordello & Pool Hall Kit by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces ... Kit Now Available!
Part Number: SMM3119BU
Availability: In Stock.

 BORDELLO & POOL HALL "Builtup Model/Diorama" Scale Model Masterpieces/THOMAS A YORKE HOn2/HOn3/HOn30

 Finally! It here And it is AMAZING!! The design of this fantastic Craftsman kit much more like the 'original' 1979 version (SEE Image) than the southwestern version Tom Yorke did a number of years ago. But that's almost where it ends. We have used Tom Yorke 'original' hand-carved masters and created totally new castings to replace all that wood and time-consuming construction of the 2nd Floor Bordello, multi-pitched roofs, and both front facades. 

  And, instead of just 10 or so castings, there are now 27 LabStone high-quality castings, Precision Cut Roofs, Glazing and Signs (the Baba O'Rileys Pool Hall sign is like not other!), 4-Color Laser Signs and window glazing, meticulous instructions and Options, lots of images, and Doctor Ben's How-To #2: The ABCs of Staining Castings booklet.  So, for the few drooling in anticipation and the curious wondering about the changes that we have in store, the first change is obvious; an exterior stairway up to "Roxanne's" Bordello. Why you ask? Well, the building has a new owner and rent paying tenants are needed to pay the mortgage. The enclosed interior stairwell that 'use' to allow patrons up to Roxanne's now heads down to the basement where "Max's Barber Shop" now resides.

   The stairway is an old iron and concrete unit from another property that the new owner had which mysteriously burned down a few years back and managed to cobble it up to the stone wall up to Roxanne's. Word has it that the tenant on the other side of the stonewall ("The Iron Horse Saloon") wasn't too thrilled about all the hammer drills used to attach the stairway to the wall. It seems that all the vibrations caused more than one whiskey bottle to hit the floor and sounding more like a shotgun going off in the bar. All the half-drunk patrons (yes, during the day) also hit the floor until the all clear was given that no one was shooting in the bar; yet.  

  Did you know that the position of the Bordello/Bar and the Pool Hall can be reversed while building this model? Yes, it can which makes a very unique structure and might even look better installed in you layout!

Products used for Bordello & Pool Hall Pilot Model:

Doctor Ben’s Weathering Stains: Durty Black (#1091), Antique White (#1094), Depot Buff (#1068), Realistic Oak (#1081), Worn Concrete (#1095), Faded Boxcar Red (#1069), Black Mahogany (#1086), Nautical Teak (#1084), Knotty Walnut (#1087), Depot Olive Green (#1193); and Rail Brown (#1092)

Doctor Ben’s Weathering Solutions: Instant Age (#1152), Realistic Rust (#1150), Weathered Rust (#1154), Huck’s Whitewash (#1157), and Granite Ballast Grey (#1156)

Doctor Ben’s Industrial Weathering Pigments: Back Soot (#1340), Titanium White (#1387), Weathering Pigment Sampler Set (#1315)

 Folks ask, if I decide to purchase this kit and build it myself, what Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains & Solutions and glues will I need to construct this model? Well, If you follow the instructions everything that you will need is in the photo at the right. Yes, it's that easy! 

  Want to know 'more' including why this is such a terrific new kit? "The Story" continued in the instruction booklet... The Pilot Model Foot Print: 4-1/2" x 5-3/4"

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