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COKE OVEN Charging Portals (4pcs) Scale Model Masterpieces/YORKE 1;48/On3/On2

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HO/HOn3/HOn30 Coke Oven "Extension" Kit by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces ... This kit comes with "ONLY" the coke oven brick portal Labstone castings (4 portals) to ...
Part Number: SMM9401
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Coke Oven "Charging Portals" (4pcs)


This Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces Coke Oven "Charging Portal" set?ÿ comes with "ONLY" four brick charging portal Labstone castings (4 brick portals for four Coke Ovens total) to "expand" or replace the 1980s Coke Oven versions that provided a metal washer for the charging portals.-SEE Image for further description!

Some Coke Oven Lore & History: In 1904 the Powhattan Coal and Coke Co. opened a new mine at Sykesville. One year later, the fledgling company sold out to a group of New York investors who changed the name to the Cascade Coal and Coke Co. At that time, under the direction of C.C. Gadd, 100 coke ovens were built. Two years later, a local paper noted that "they are working regularly at the Cascade mines. A good grade of coke is being make there, and business is brisk." The prototype for this kit was built in 1903 at the Cascade Coke Ovens, Cascade, Preston County, WV, now abandoned.

?ÿ The ovens were charged from the top through a charging hole. The coal was leveled by raking by a man outside the oven. The doorway was temporarily plugged with brick. A small space was left open at the top for air. Forty eight hours later, the coal was turned to coke. Normal operations would see half of the battery of ovens being fired while the other was being unloaded of coke and reloaded with coal. A new industry for your coal mining branch, or model it abandoned and weed grown along a torn up spur.