Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium 2018 Catalog *NEW*
2018 Catalog

Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium 2018 Catalog *NEW*

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Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium 2018 Catalog 12-page booklet

  FREE with $20 purchase of Doctor Ben's Products! NOTE: To Receive a Complimentary Doctor Ben's 2018 Catalog Booklet with $20 Purchase of Doctor Ben's Products (any combination) & request a free 2018 Catalog in the Checkout Comments box (at the bottom of the page) before making payment. No Coupon is Required!

  Or just download the pdf and print it yourself on your own printer!

Printing is easy!

1) Download the pdf-CLICK HERE! 2) If your printer does NOT print double sided, set your printer to "Landscape Mode" and print Odd Numbered pages only. 3) Place the printed pages in your printer to print the even pages (usually text is "face up"). 4) Print even numbered pages. 5) Fold the pages in half (8-1/2" x 5-1/2") and slide the center pages inside the Cover page & there you have it; our Doctor Ben's 2018 Catalog!

  So, you be the judge, just how realistic do our weathering products look to you? And if you have been to the National Narrow Gauge Conventions you will have seen me demonstrate just how very easy to use these products actually are. You will find both of these Realistic Weathering Solutions and many other great Doctor Ben's products in our store!

  We also have available our (8-1/2" x 11") double-sided Flyer that we will include in envelopes smaller that 9" x 6". You can download the Flyer below but please note, some of the date and prices in the Flyer may not be up to date and some items are Scale Model Masterpieces items in disguise! The Scale Model Masterpieces catalog will be coming along shortly...

If you have a question, Just Ask!

CLICK HERE to to Download/Open/Print the pdf Doctor Ben's Product Flyer Here!


Our Sincerest Thank You and Appreciation for Your Continued Patronage!!

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