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    Welcome to the Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium on-line store website. Now on the web since 1996, here your will find original, quality weathering and scratch building products that are contest proven to enable you to build a model as bad as we do. Find our many quality & unique products in the following Categories:



 And no, I do not have a model train story to tell where I first got interested in building models. In fact, I use to get a kick out of telling a room of model railroaders that model railroading is an evil necessity to my hobby—building dioramas!

That was a long time ago when I use to conduct clinics on how folks could make these products for themselves. Funny thing, I don't think folks paid attention because here I am making a living by selling products that I tried to teach them to make themselves!

Nope, I started out in this hobby in the mid-1970s building Fine Scale Miniature kits in trade for unassembled kits. I had this crazy notion that I wanted the entire FSM kit collection.

 Two ex-wives and several collections later I gave up that notion of having a complete FSM set especially if I kept losing the collection in a divorce and so I just build them; and sell a few too. But that is in the FineScaleMiniatures Biz section of this website. You are here because you want to build these kits as quickly and as bad as I do, right?

Well, what started out as SMMB&S and a handful of products has turned into over one hundred products and continues to grow. The way I figure it is that if I make something and I'm not proud enough to put my name to it, I'm not going to be that enthusiastic to sell it to you. And if the price isn't reasonable, you are not going to buy it, so I would just be wasting your time and my money producing the product.

So, plan to spend some time browsing through the complex pages of this section. I am working to make this much simpler Doctor Ben's and easier to find things. It just takes time working on this website and when I am working on the website, I can't be making product. So hang in there and if you have a question, Just Askkk!

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