HO Standing Seam Siding/Roofing (5pcs-Metal) Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium HO/1;87
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HO Standing Seam Siding/Roofing (5pcs-Metal) Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium HO/1;87

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(5 sheets 1-1/2" W x 8"L) Seams run the short (1-1/2") length

Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium HO/HOn3/HOn30-Scale

Doctor Ben's Scale model corrugated and standing-seam roofing materials are manufactured using quality aluminum. Doctor Ben's Contest Proven Instructional Techniques included in this purchase leads you through the step-by-step process to apply finish & weathering products to solve the many of the questions you have for the fastest, easiest way to apply corrugated & standing seam material as well as a quick and easy technique to apply finishes and weathering. You are going to want to use Doctor Ben's Super Sticky Adhesive #2924 to apply this material. Applying roofing/siding has NEVER been easier. Coloring & Weathering techniques are recommended using Doctor Ben's Weathering & Stain Products! SEE Below! 

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