Handy Blade / Modeling Tools-Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium

Handy Blade / Modeling Tools-Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium

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 Thank you very much for visiting Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium . Doctor Ben's Handy Blade Modeling ToolAll of these products are created directly from the workbench of NMRA National Award Winning Dioramas by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever. I have used these products and techniques for all the years that I have cherished building scale model dioramas. And now I share my deepest modeling secrets with you. I hope that you will find them as helpful and useful as I have for these past years.Doctor Ben's Handy Blade Modeling Tool

Doctor Ben's Handy Blade Tools #5720 (Metal), #5721 (Plastic), & #5722 (Both Tools)

While I am creating much of the modeling that I do from day to day, I seem to always have a single edge razor blade in my hand. As humans, we are creatures of habit and we are all drawn to what feels natural & comfortable to us. I will state that yes, I do use X-acto© knifes & blades, but the tips seem to always break off and they are so darn expensive. How many tiles while you are sitting at your workbench & the X-acto© knife either slips ouDoctor Ben's Handy Blade Modeling Toolt of your hand or rolls off of your bench because you've bumped it making space for something else? I've been very fortunate to never be ?stabbed? by the knife on the way down, but I have heard some real horror stories!Doctor Ben's Handy Blade Modeling Tool

So, as I initially stated, I'm always using a single edge razor blade for much of my scale modeling. This too is a problem for me in that I break out a brand new razor blade to use it once or twice & it disappears into the clutter of my workbench and so I break out still another new single edge razor blade. When I finally get disgusted enough to clean up my workbench, well, you get the story, I have a plethora of open single edge razor blades from by bad Doctor Ben's Handy Blade Modeling Toolmodeling practices.

Which is why we offer these Handy Blade Tools with plastic & metal blades in many neon colors-one for each day of the week if necessarDoctor Ben's Handy Blade Modeling Tooly. For me, I remember colors and numbers, but not faces. I'll remember which color Handy Blade tool has the cleanest & sharpest blade and which one that I've been using to carve dental stone. Have fun & tell you friends about this great tool!