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Hollow Tower Sections (2pcs) Rubbles Depot Kit-Scale Model Masterpieces/YORKE fsm *NEW*

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Rubbles Depot Hollow-Cast Tower Sections *BRAND NEW*-Scale Model Masterpieces #317-HO/HOn3/HOn30 1:87-SCALE... These two (2) 'UNFINISHED' one-piece LabStone hollow castings are direct replacements for 1980's versions of this HO Scale Rubbles Depot Kit. So, donƒ??t sell that 1980ƒ??s HO Rubbles Depot Kit cheap...
Part Number: SMM3117-H
Availability: In Stock.

Rubbles Depot Hollow-Cast Tower Sections (no windows or Roof) *BRAND NEW*-Scale Model Masterpieces #317-HO/HOn3/HOn30 1:87-SCALE

These two (2) 'UNFINISHED' one-piece LabStone hollow castings are direct replacements for 1980's versions of this HO Scale Rubbles Depot Kit. So, donƒ??t sell that 1980ƒ??s HO Rubbles Depot Kit cheap on Ebay because you donƒ??t want to pour acetone inside the original Tower Sections to melt out the foam inserts! These Hollow Tower Sections are exact replacements. We also have replacement parts for the HO Rubbles Depot Kit Roof Sections, Eave & Corbel Supports available for HO & O Scale, too!

See above images of drawings & casting views. If you have a question, please ask & we typically will answer very quickly. The image(s) best describes this item & design. Thank you for your business!

Rubbles Depot Kit by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model MasterpiecesHO/HOn3/HOn2/HOn30

About This Item

*NEW* FEATURE! Hollow CastTower Sections included for a*LIGHTED* Tower!

This kit comes withthebeautifullydetailedThomasAYorkcastingof stone,wood,andbrick.Firstofferedin1979. Tom Yorke based the design of this model from the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes 2 foot railroad in the State of Maine.This railroad pioneered the use of large 2-foot gauge rolling stock in North America. In addition to replacing the 'original' Thomas Yorke design of corrugated metal for the roof, the 'original' 1979 minimalisticstainingandweatheringinstructionshavebeenupdatedtocurrentlyavailableproductsincludingeasytolearntechniquesinthe Doctor Ben's How-To #2:"TheABC'sofStainingCastings"8-page color booklet & instructional.

Thiskitincludesfull-sizedrawings(THUMBNAILRight),ninecastingsfrommeticulouslyhand-carvedmasterpatterns, KapplerScaleLumber,Grantlinewindows, doors & roofdetail, Sequoia ModelProducts white metalcastings, Smooth-On ColorCast Standing Seam Copper roofingmaterial,full-pageupdatedconstructionandweatheringinstructions, andDoctorBen's "TheABC'sofStainingCastings"forcreateaprizewinningmodel.Thefoot print of this fantasticmodel is 4" wide by 3" deep.Construction should onlytake a few nights especiallyif you follow theinstructions and use DoctorBen's products to finish themodel!

*NEW* FEATURE! Hollow CastTower Sections for a*LIGHTED* Tower! If you purchased an earlier version with solid Tower Section and would like to have a hollow-cast Tower, we have have available hollow-cast Tower Section for $14.95. This item comes with changes to the original instructions for the installation and finish of this addition. NOTE: You have to have purchased the SMM kit version prior to this announcement in order to purchase the hollow-cast Tower Sections. All Rubbles kits now come with the hollow-cast Tower Sections.

Want to know what others thinkabout this kit? Read the Charlie Getz Review in the . Aboveis the theDrawing Sheet forthiskit.Instructionsarefull-sizeLASERprintedandincludedis acolorimage! Thisisanoriginal ThomasAYorkeEnterprisescastingnowownedbyDEBENLLCProducts&Publications.

Backwoods Ramshackle Engine Shed Kit by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces HO/HOn3/HOn2/HOn30

Yes, this kit is in production and yes, folks are purchasing it & (hopefully) building it. This is too beautiful of a kit to leave it in the box! The accompanying images showing the Ramshackle construction 'in-progress' is the "Practice" Pilot Model. We I am done with this practice model I will begin constructing the 'real' Pilot Model for this kit. The practice pilot will is NOW Available for purchase. This rare *illusive* Ramshackle Engine Shed kit will accommodate HOn2-1/2 / HOn30/HOn3 engines with a maximum length of 31'-10". The Interior footprint of this facility measures 1.425"W x 1.545"T x 4.400"L.

New Improvements to this kit are:

  • Detailed Instructions
  • Stone Foundation
  • Stepped Shake Shingles
  • Plotter-Cut Roofs
  • Grandt Line Details
  • Kappler Scale Lumber
  • Easy-to-Do Weathering & Finishing Techniques
  • Working Doors
  • Full-Size Plans

This kit features beautifully detailed Thomas A York Hydrocal?? castings, Grandt styrene details, plotter-cut roof sections to size, full-size drawings (THUMBNAIL BELOW shows reduced size), scale lumber and detailed construction and weathering instructions. The ladders, barrels & oil drums pictured are included in this kit. This is kit was produced in the early 1980s and is part of a four-piece set produced by Thomas A Yorke. The Water Tank, Fuel Tank & Turntable in the picture are NOT included & WILL be available separately very soon!

NOW Available: Industrial Engine Shed Craftsman Kit by Scale Model MasterpiecesHO/HOn3/HOn2/HOn30

Thiskitcomeswiththebeautifullydetailed*originalThomasAYorkcastingofstone,wood,andbrickfirstofferedin1979astheIndustrialEngineHouse(re-releaseComingSoon!).Theconstruction,assembly, staining,andweatheringinstructionshavebeen*significantly* updatedtocurrentlyavailableproductsincludingeasytole