Newsletter-August 18, 2016 ... We've Got Another kit comin'!

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            Are You Ready for Summer To Be Over?

  I know that we are! We just spent a brutally hot & humid week in Maryland's Eastern Shore with Debbie's Mother and the only time went outside was to get in the car to go to another air conditioned building.The Heat Index with the hot temperatures and high humidity resulted in temperatures of 100+ every single day and. it was cooler back home in NE Georgia than where we were in the North East! 
  So, we have yet another announcement of a soon-to ship kit of our Scale Model Masterpieces Back Road Buildin's" Thrasher Bros. Warehouse Kit #9147 at a Reservation Price which will end when we ship very shortly. The Thrasher Bros. kit includes both Warehouse #1 and Warehouse #2 with a foot print of 8-1/2" x 11" & 3" x 5" respectively. Note: Back Road Buildin's" Warehouse #2 #9148 will also be available separately also at a Reservation Price until shipping which may be even sooner! Hint! Hint! Like others found out that waiting too long on the Back Road Buildin's" Grocery Kityou snooze; you lose. 
   FYI If you've not received a "Processing" or "Shipped" Notification for an Order that you placed while we were away, you should receive a Notification today or tomorrow which is when we'll be caught up on the plethora of orders that were placed while we were away. Thank you for your patience & your business! Please tell your friends; it’s our only advertising.
Sincerely, Debbie & Richard Bendever

 Rooftop Flat-Top Power Vent Kit (6 kits)-Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Ent.
 N/1-160 Scale - HO/1:87 Scale - S/1:64 Scale - O/1;48 Scale
Click on your scale to see this product. Assembly, finish, & weathering  instructions are in the Product Description.

 Ash Pit & Details Kit for Enginehouse/Roundhouse HO & N Scales-Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Ent.
Kit includes: N Scale-3”x 2-5/8” x 1/2”tall / HO Scale 3”x 3-1/8” x 1/2”tall LabStone Casting, timber risers, (3) ash barrels, metal support bar, & NBWs
Click on the image at the right to see the N & HO product. Assembly, finish, & weathering  instructions are in the Product Description and as always, Doctor Ben's is highly recommended!  

 Vertical Boiler & Water Tank Miniature Scene Kit-Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Ent.
 N/1-160 Scale - HO/1:87 Scale S/1:64 Scale - O/1;48 Scale
Click on your scale to see this product. Assembly, finish, & weathering  instructions are in the Product Description.

Z Scale “Brick, Wood, Cut Stone, Concrete & Rock” Tunnel Portal & "Optional Retaining Walls Z/1:320-Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Ent. (More Portals & Walls coming shortly)
Portal-2-11/16”wide x  2-1/8”tall &  Optional Retaining Wall(s) 2-1/4”wide x 1-7/8”tall
You would be surprised to know that Z Scale is very popular and according to one of our website visitors/customers; "Dude, you know that those Z Scale Tunnel Portals & Retaining Wall Setsmake great bridges and overpasses in HO & O scale!" And I said. Yep!

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