Refrig Produce/Office Warehouse Kit Yorke HOn3/HOn2 NOS
Hydrocal© One Side Wall & End Wall Textured & One Side Wall & End Wall Smooth FOOTPRINT: 4” X 7-3/4” x 3” x 7-3/4” WEDGE SHAPED

Refrig Produce/Office Warehouse Kit Yorke HOn3/HOn2 NOS

Last One!
Part Number:SMM3125

1950s Refrigerated Produce Office/Warehouse Kit #HO-125 (NOS)

This Modern Warehouse kit represents a small structure of the "tilt-up" style of construction. It gained popularity in the late 19SO's as an efficient means of fabrication. Pre-cast concrete slabs are lifted into place by a crane and bolted to the framework. Variety is accomplished by size, shape and texture of the pre-cast panels.

 This is the first in our (Tom Yorke) series of Modern Industrial Buildings of the 1940 to present time period. This structure is wedge shaped so it will fit into the narrow space close to the inside of a turnout. The kit is very easy to build, however, it is suggested the instructions be read through completely and the plans studied before any construction is begun. 

This kit comes with the finest Thomas A Yorke Hydrocal (white) castings including a very nicely detailed one-piece roof section and separate a/c units (kits) and steps. No additional details were provided in this kit. And yes, Doctor Ben's Weathering would look good on the roof. Directly below are the Elevation and Isometric Views of this kit. Instructions & drawings are full-size sheets. This is a NOS (New Old Stock) kit.

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