Rubbles Depot Roof/Corbel/Eave Replacement Set YORKE/HON3/HON30 *NEW*

Rubbles Depot Roof/Corbel/Eave Replacement Set YORKE/HON3/HON30 *NEW*

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Part Number:SMM3117-R

ROOF, CORBEL & EAVE Roof Sections as shown in the Image of the Rubbles Depot Model

Offered as an option ONLY by Scale Model Masterpieces is for the earlier Thomas A Yorke HO-Scale Rubbles kit that have the 'stick-built & corrugated roof design. having built several of the earlier kits, our Scale Model Masterpieces design both changes the look of this excellent model as well as reduces the time need to build this model.

The parts that are included with this listing are: the four (4) standing-seam simulated copper roof sections; the four (4) corbel sections; and the two (2) eave supports one (1) on each end of the building. All seven (7) pieces are Color-Cast Resin in a soft patina green which closely resembles a patina copper roof as seen in the below image. And yes, you can paint the pieces if you would like for them to be a different color.

Also, another *NEW* FEATURE! are the Hollow Cast Tower Sections for a*LIGHTED* Tower!