Scale Tarpaper Sheeting Material-Multi Scale & Colors Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
#6200A-Assortment all Three Colors

Scale Tarpaper Sheeting Material-Multi Scale & Colors Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium

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Scale Sheeting-Pitch Black, Red Oxide & Slate Green-NEW! (Multi-Scale)... 
 This is for a SIX (6) sections/sheets (3-1/2" x 5-1/5"lg) of Tar Paper Material ready to be cut to you scale...

The purchase of this Doctor Bens product puts you in possession of one of the most innovative and creative model hobby products in the scale model building industry. The idea for this product came from my own personal need for a higher quality, finely detailed tool that would enable me to use a single-edge razor blade (I use a lot of them!) without injuring my fingers.

I begin by cutting the material into 2’ scale strips about 1 scale feet long. Having already prepared the roofing subsurface, I will us the Doctor Ben’s Super Stick Adhesive #2924 to attach this material to the roof subsurface. Beginning at the lower edge of the roof I begin applying the Scale Sheeting being sure to leave at least 1/16” overhang on both sides and the bottom. If you find that this amount is too much, you can always trim it off. This Scale Sheeting is thin enough to overlap the first layer as you move up the roof without looking unrealistically thick. When you get to the top of the roof, apply the Doctor Ben’s Super Stick Adhesive #2924 to a strip of the Scale Sheeting and cut a strip about 12 scale inches long. Now remove the Adhesive backing from the strip and apply over the roof pitch.

I like to weather the roof with the Doctor Ben’s Industrial Weathering Pigments making the roof worn and dusty looking. Don’t forget to use some Doctor Ben’s Lightning Rods #6352 and you now have a great looking roof! Got your own technique? Let us know.

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