The Boat Dock Set (1 Kit) N/Nn3 California Freight & Details Co.

The Boat Dock Set (1 Kit) N/Nn3 California Freight & Details Co.

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Part Number:CAL2375
The Boat Dock Set - 9pcs (2 power boats (resin), 3 row boats (resin), 1 2-stall dock, 1 large steel shed, 1 small steel shed, & 1 dock-to-land ramp)

#2375- Boat Dock Set (9pcs)-1. $29.95

The entire set is shown in the image at right & based on the below prototype.






The Boat Dock Set includes: (2) pleasure boats, (3) row boats, floating dock, steel storage bin, dock ramp, ramp abutment, and a steel storage shed.


Some of these details are available individually for a larger or smaller boating scene.

#2360- Pleasure boat #1 with enclosed cabin space. Package-1. $5.89



#2365- Pleasure boat #2 with open seating space. Package-1. $5.89





Floating dock, dock ramp, ramp abutment, and steel storage bin will be available in the set only.



#2350 Row Boats (3pcs).






#2370- Steel sheet metal storage shed. 
1. $4.89

Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/  UNASSEMBLED Natural Labstone Castings-Assembly & Finish Required.

Assembly using Doctor Ben's Hypo-Cement for tiny delicate parts as well as most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air brush.

The above image/thumbnail  best describes this item SIZE, QUANTITY, COLOR, if assembled (required) & its design. Got Questions? Always Ask first!