Tips & Techniques: Layering Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains

Posted by Blog Master on 3/22/2018 to Tips & Techniques
So you're all confused about layering weathering products and you just want the short and sweet version without all the fluff.  You're in luck! Here is the down and dirty Doctor Ben's layering technique using Rustic Barn Red and Aged Driftwood.

Scale Model Masterpieces Tip: Creating Natural Wall Joints

Posted by Blog Master on 11/8/2017 to Tips & Techniques
  The corner column protrusion can easily be overlooked when assembling two stone (or brick) walls. The natural inclination is to attempt to ...

Weathering Wood a Reddish Brown Color

Posted by Blog Master on 1/20/2017 to Tips & Techniques
Are you still searching for that holy grail of weathering wood a reddish brown color? This Doctor Ben;s Tips & Techniques method may be the answer to your quest!