Two Stall Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke HO/1:87
This is what the finished model looks like naked-without weathering!

Two Stall Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke HO/1:87

Reserve NOW to get free Inspection Pit/Bridge Plate! Ships December 19th
Part Number:SMM3111

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 Coming December 19th ... fingers crossed!  Two-Stall Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit in HO (foot print: 9-3/8"lg x 6"wide)

  Lot's of progress on the Pilot Model-SEE images at right and left. We are "finally" going to ship the  Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit! It has been since 2010 that we first introduced it's little brother the Shortline/Industrial Engine Shed Kit in HO scale and, it is finally time that we brought back it's big brother.

   We've also  grouped a bunch of Scale Model Masterpieces details including metal ladders, fuel oil tank, boxes, cans, hay bales; the typical stuff found around am engine house. Plus, the first 25 kits will receive a free Inspection Pit & Bridge Plate (SMM5005) pictured at right. This is a very Limited Time offer and then the Inspection Pit/Bridge Plate will become an Add-On Option at time of purchase.

 Since this kit is so popular just the way it was first offered 31 years ago, below right is an image of the Roof Truss Assembly which will be offered with lots of time saving options such as the Precision Cut trusses and possibly being offered as a Laser Cut Set. We'll see...

  And would you like to have the Option to add a set of doors and open up the Engine House to be able to allow the locomotive to drive through? Yep, that option is now available and more like Inspection pits, and more.

 For those of you not familiar with the "big brother" Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit, way back in 1986 Tom Yorke Ent. offered this amazing Two-Stall Engine House (pictured left) is larger (foot print: 9-3/8"lg x 6"wide) two-track wide and twice as long as it little brother the Engine Shed. See below right image showing the roof comparison image for these two Shortline/Industrial house/shed kits #3111 and #3110

 Heck, you even have the option to save $12.25 by Choosing the "Truss Option" to just receive a Truss Template to scratch build the trusses yourself instead of receiving the Precision Cut trusses with this kit! Who else let's you save money for a kit and let's you build it your way?

  So, stay tuned for all the updates in the next few week! It's going to be Great!