Victorian Brick Building a/k/a Milk Depot Kit YORKE/Scale Model Masterpieces O/On3/On30/1:48
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Victorian Brick Building a/k/a Milk Depot Kit YORKE/Scale Model Masterpieces O/On3/On30/1:48

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Doctor Ben's Stains & Solutions used for this kit:
Aged Driftwood, Antique White, Reefer White, Knotty Walnut, Depot Buff, Worn Concrete, Black Mahogany, Durty Black, & Depot Olive Green (Save 10%) [+$59.85]
Instant Age & Realistic Rust (Save 10%) [+$13.30]
Doctor Ben’s Hypo Cement (Save 10%) [+$6.29]
Optional Roofing for this kit:

"Victorian Brick Building a.k.a Milk Depot Kit" Kit 

by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces O/On3/On2/On30

  This little Victorian brick structure makes a fine on-line industry for your pike. Tom Yorke originally used this structure as a milk collection station (a/k/a The Milk Depot). Local dairy farmers would bring in their milk during the wee hours of the morning. The collected milk would then go by rail to a creamery many miles away.

  Weather this kit is used for this purpose or for another type of co-op, etc., you may agree that it does build into a charming little structure.

This *original* Thomas A. Yorke kit (now Scale Model Masterpieces) has been give a renewed life with lots of updates and additions including the instructions, wood ramp & Precision Cut one-piece trusses! And, you will be able to select which style of Doctor Ben's Shingles, Corrugated Metal, or Copper roofing that you would like for this fine model. Stay Tuned for more Updates!

The windows, doors, and other details are Grandtline product molded plastic. Kit includes full-size drawings (SEE THUMBNAILS BELOW), scale lumber and detailed construction and weathering instructions.

And yes, Doctor Ben's Weathering would look good on the roof. Directly below are the Elevation and Isometric Views of this kit. Instructions are full-size sheets and included is a color photograph!

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