Virg's Corner Cafe & Delicatessen Kit-Scale Model Masterpieces 1:48/O/On3/On30

Virg's Corner Cafe & Delicatessen Kit-Scale Model Masterpieces 1:48/O/On3/On30

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by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces O/On3/On2/On30 1:48-Scale

This magnificent kit comes with the *original* beautifully detailed Thomas A York casting of super detailed stone, wood, brick, and textures not found in kit by other manufactures. First offered in 1988, the assembly instructions, staining and weathering instructions have been updated to currently available products including easy to learn techniques in Doctor Ben's How-To Series booklet/instructional. You will not be disappointed!

This kit includes everything in the original 1980s kit PLUS: full-size drawings, high quality, high density LabStone castings from "original" Thomas Yorke/Disney meticulously, hand-carved master patterns & molds, Kappler Scale Lumber, Grant Line windows & doors, original detail castings (+more), Decals, full-page updated construction and weathering instructions, and Doctor Ben's "The "Weathering & Painting Using Pigments" How-To booklet to create a prize winning model.

The foot print of this fantastic model is 6" wide by 8" deep plus sidewalks-yes, sidewalks are included, as are fruit barrels whiskey kegs, and boxes! And these aren't those cheaply, poorly modeled details, either. All high quality castings molded in Dental LabStone are created from the original pattern-work of Tom Yorke some 30+ years ago when quality was number one and the rest; well, they were just the others.

Above is a collage of the the Drawing Sheets for this kit. Instructions are full-size LASER printed and included is a color image! This is a huge kit with lots of castings and detail. This kit has many parts and while we strive to ship our products for the least amount of $$$, you may find that the seven pound weight of this kit to be a bit costly. We apologize, but the USPS/UPS/FedEx have fixed rates that we do not jack up to increase our profit. Shipping is what it is.

This is an original Thomas A Yorke Enterprises name, patterns, logo, copyrights now owned by DEBENLLC Products & Publications.