W.B. Davis & Company Kit Scale Model Masterpieces / Thomas A Yorke Ent.  1;48/On30

W.B. Davis & Company Kit Scale Model Masterpieces / Thomas A Yorke Ent. 1;48/On30

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 "Limited Available in O/1:48-Scale!"

W B. Davis & Company Kit #3343 

SMM/Thomas A Yorke Ent.

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This 'giant'of an O-Scale kit utilizes Thirty-Five Gypsum High Density Castings to construct the 40ƒ?? x 60ƒ?? Footprint. This is a two-story facility with a basement includes a horizontal storage tank; rooftop Power Vents, Skylights, cyclone and piping; a ground floor loading dock; Roof top elevator shed (re-designed), Steel Basement doors (redesigned) dozens of Grandt Line windows & doors; special metal castings; rewritten & NOS Instructions & Plans and color photo; and a double-door outhouse to complete this kit. WHEW!

The W. B. Davis & Company is a manufacturing plant whose product is limited only by your imagination. There is space for two spur tracks of any gauge, a 50 hp boiler for power (optional), and a tall water tank to supply the boiler (also, optional). This kit is not difficult, but as you can tell from the size and weight of the boxes (15 pounds), this is a *BIG* kit. Many parts must be prepared and assembled before final placement and use on your model railroad. For this reason, we suggest you study the plans carefully and read through the instructions completely before any assembly is undertaken. If taken unit by unit the way our instructions are arranged, everything will be in proper order and will make sense upon assembly. Take your time. This is a large undertaking, but when finished, you will have a factory complex that you will be proud of and that will provide much revenue for your railroad.

1986 Instructions:
Originally this kit commemorated the Thomas A Yorke Ent. 10th year of producing quality craftsman-type structure kits for the model railroader. Undoubtedly the largest, most complete "package" [Thomas Yorke] ever put together, the W. B. Davis & Company main complex is truly a special kit. It depicts a main' structure built around the 1880's to 1890's. Its two brick upper stories sit atop a massive stone block lower level. This lower level is where the raw materials are delivered and stored. The large iron doors (redesign) swing open to receive shipments from horse drawn wagons, trucks, or rail cars. The 'original' pilot model is served by a 3' narrow gauge rail system. One of the many features that make this complex distinctive is the rail line track that is cut into the hillside allowing the decks of flat cars to be level with the basement floor for ease of unloading.