January 27, 2015 Newsletter: Get You Free Details Here!

Posted by Blog Master on 1/27/2015 to Newsletters & Updates
We're giving away to our customers perfectly (well, sort of) good detail castings rather than sell them as "seconds".

Doctor Ben's Corrugated Material Instructions

Posted by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever on 1/16/2015 to Tips & Techniques
We hope that you will find the information here will solve many of the questions you have about the fastest, easiest way to apply corrugated material, as well as a quick and easy technique to apply finishes and weathering.

January 9, 2015 Newsletter: A Sad Day for Our Hobby

Posted by Blog Master on 1/9/2015 to Newsletters & Updates
The Hobby has lost a good friend, an amazing modeler, and a true craftsman.