Updated Doctor Ben's Catalog and a Bunch More New Stuff!!

Posted by Blog Master on 2/25/2017 to Newsletters & Updates
The 2017 Doctor Ben's 8-Page Catalog is here...Need space for an Impressive Backdrop structure? ... Wondering what ever happened to the Tom Yorke Milk Depot kit?  Have you Friend-ed us yet? More than 1.000 others already have!

Happy President's Day Weekend & Special Offer!

Posted by Blog Master on 2/18/2017 to Newsletters & Updates
Aw heck, How about a Free President's Day Postage Special? Have you seen some of the latest products added to our website? We found a lost, hidden NOS treasure; need one? Read on...

G Street Warehouse Changes & Much More!

Posted by Blog Master on 2/11/2017 to Newsletters & Updates
Want to Save *HUGE* $$$ by reserving your G Street Warehouse kits? Who's got your scratch building supplies and materials? Need to get your scale people up to the loading dock personal doors?