Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions & Cal Freight Update!

Posted by Blog Master on 3/31/2017 to Newsletters & Updates
Are your ready for Spring? Want to Know the Basics of Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions? Do the details on your layout look boring? Maybe what you need are some new details?  Please Read on...

It's Spring and We've Got Lots of Details for N, HO, S, & O Scale!

Posted by Blog Master on 3/23/2017 to Newsletters & Updates
Are you expecting the weather to be hot or cold today? Need lots & lots of Details? Want to Build the Scale Model Masterpieces -Practice Wall Kit? Please Read On ...

DEBenLLC 2017 17% Off St. Patrick's Weekend Special!

Posted by Blog Master on 3/17/2017 to Newsletters & Updates
Are you exhausted from all the Political Hub-Bub and ready to get down to building models again? Let's Kick off the arrival of Spring with a 17% Off Website Special! Need some Junk Piles to clutter up your scale scenes? What's a great way to detail your Roof Tops? Have you Seen the Tilt-Up Spline Style Wall Update? And Much More Luck of the Irish to ya!

We've Go a Bunch More New Stuff!!

Posted by Blog Master on 3/9/2017 to Newsletters & Updates
Here comes the Second in a Series of Impressive Backdrop structures ... Wondering what ever happened to the Tom Yorke Milk Depot kit? Nobody's got more Weathering Pigment Choices than Doctor Ben's ... Need a way to access you scale structure roofs? Have you Friend-ed us yet? Nearly 1.200 others already have!

It's about time for some Tips & Tricks!

Posted by Blog Master on 3/3/2017 to Newsletters & Updates
Did you know that Doctor Ben's started by people attending his clinics & wanting his products?  Have you wondered how to make a stacked detail look like it's on a pallet? Been to our"Tips & Tricks" website Blog? Needs some ideas to kitbash that huge G-Street Warehouse kit into a Backdrop structure? And so much more ...