Newsletter-June 23, 2016 ... Happy Anniversary to Us!

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Have you seen the Special Edition Detail Set included in the Rubbles Depot Anniversary Kit? ... Want to give yourself a Summertime Treat? ... Please Friend & Like us on facebook! Have you Friend-ed us yet?

Newsletter-June 17, 2016 ... Happy Father's Day!

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Father's Day is this weekend; DEBenLLC Website Sale is for Three Days; DEBenLLC  Website has Nearly 1,000 Products on Sale;  June 17-19... And a brand new Weathering Stain! Daggoneit! It's too Dad-gum hot to be outside; want build & weather some models? Please Read on...

Newsletter-June 10, 2016

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 Are you one of those folks who is afraid to try something new? Wouldn't it be nice to receive Instruction for a product that you just not quite sure how to construct? Did you know that Doctor Ben's has a not-so-secret Super Sticky Adhesive?  Our Facebook Fan page is getting lot's of Likes & Visits; now up to 512 Likes & Growing  ... are you one? Please Tell your Friends ... it's our only advertising!