September 30, 2014 Newsletter: State of Nation

Posted by Blog Master on 9/30/2014 to Newsletters & Updates
So here we are one month into our "new' website. WHEW! With one day left in this month we've experience 2,840+ Unique Visitors from around the world with 16,200+ Clicks (unique page visits)...

Looking for a Few Good Modelers!

Posted by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever on 9/30/2014 to Customer Pictures
Thanks to this new website we are now able to share with you photos and techniques from fellow modelers using Doctor Ben's Products and constructing Thomas Yorke/Scale Model Masterpieces kits from around the world!

September 20, 2014 Newsletter: Practice Wall Kit

Posted by Blog Master on 9/20/2014 to Newsletters & Updates
Over the past few years, since we purchase the Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises. Structure kit line (now Scale Model Masterpieces), we have been slowly updating many kits, including this "Practice Wall Kit" ...