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Welcome to DEBEN LLC Publication & Products ,

Thank you for visiting our website store. NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON! VACATION MESSAGE! We're currently on the road until Aug 10. You order & purchases will be process just as soon as we return home. Please add our Web Site Store to your Favorites and come back soon!.

Sincerely, Debbie & Richard Bendever BTW We sincerely appreciate our Customers, so please be sure to tell your Friends about us.   Got a Question? Please Ask!


Discussed In our Latest Newsletter...

*In the Newsletter: Purchase Your Stone Service Station Kit Now!* 

 Some Brand New Products!

Short Line Stone Depot Kit  HO/HOn3 - No, this is NOT the “Fallberg Depot” kit; this Thomas A. Yorke “Rocopila Depot” kit has been around much longer! (1976). This *original* Thomas A. Yorke kit has been give a renewed life with lots of updates and additions including the instructions, wood ramp & Precision Cut one-piece trusses! And, you will be able to select which style of Doctor Ben’s Shingles or, Corrugated Metal roofing that you would like for this fine model.  Now Shipping!

  California Freight & Details Co-HO Scale now Scale Model Masterpieces!California Freight & Details Co-HO is Now Scale Model masterpieces!

As we stated in the last Newsletter, we have had two professional Resin Casters working on bringing our HO Details on-line for the past month or so... and we finally have parts; well, they're HERE! 20+ New HO & a few S and O Scale Cal Freight Details are on the website



debenllc.comPool Hall/Bordello Kit by Scale Model Masterpieces #3119-HO/HOn3/HOn30/1:87-Scale - Finally! It here And it is AMAZING!! The design of this fantastic Craftsman kit much more like the 'original' 1979 version (SEE Image) than the southwestern version Tom Yorke did a number of years ago. But that's almost where it ends. We have used Tom Yorke 'original' hand-carved masters and created totally new castings to replace all that wood and time-consuming construction of the 2nd Floor Bordello, multi-pitched roofs, and both front facades. And, instead of just 10 or so castings, there are now 27 LabStone high-quality castings, Precision Cut Roofs, Glazing and Signs (the Baba O'Rileys Pool Hall sign is like not other!), 4-Color Laser Signs and window glazing, meticulous instructions and Options, lots of images, and Doctor Ben's How-To #2: The ABCs of Staining Castings booklet.

RAILROAD BLACKSMITH SHOP Kit by Scale Model Masterpieces #9112-Thomas A Yorke is Now Scale Model Masterpieces!O/On3/On30/1:48-Scale

Tom Yorke originally based this design on the Sierra Railroad’s facility in Jamestown, California; high in the “mother loade.”  Lots of updates & some obvious changes... Large Precision Cut sliding doors may be positioned inside or outside of the building; 2) We added a Loading Dock for Railroad access; 3) There is a stone foundation with a cast basement access (lower right of picture; 4) Precision Cut bracing in the cupola vent to simplify the construction process.


 It's Official!TARP COVERED CRATES (3pcs) HO/HOn3/HOn30-Scale fsm CALIFORNIA FREIGHT & DETAILSCalifornia Freight & Details Company-HO has a New Home! 

  I actually had quite a bit of information here and the "Constant Contact" editor "lost" the text. @#*&$%#@!~+&%$#^%   That said, I am retyping the news that the California Freight and Details Company-HO is a part of our family. We already have a bunch of items on our website and much, much more to come.

And, Some of what you missed in Our previous Newsletters!

Scale Model Masterpieces "Rio Grande La Jara Water Tank Kit HO/S/O-ScaleNEW FROM SCALE MODEL MASTERPIECES!
  Originally offered by Thomas A Yorke Ent. as an HO Scale kit and part of the "Ramshackle Series", we now have this "Rio Grande" legend available in three scales. We have Color-Cast the bents and platform in a light grey driftwood color. The tank is hollow-cast in LabStone. The rest is wood, NBWs, a tank spout assembly, LabStone Foundation and detailed instructions and images. Next will be the "Bellgrade Lumber Co" Water Tank in a few months.


Coke Oven Kits for HO, S & O Scales
How about bringing in the heat from outside by building a Coke Ovens Kit inside!

Some Coke Oven Lore & History—In 1904, the Powhattan Coal and Coke Co. opened a new mine at Sykesville. One year later, the fledgling company sold out to aCoke Oven Kits for HO, S & O Scalesgroup of New York investors, who changed the name to the Cascade Coal and Coke Co. At that time, under the direction of C.C. Gadd, 100 coke ovens were built. Two years later, a local paper noted, "they are working regularly at the Cascade mines. A good grade of coke is being made there, and business is brisk."

Foot Print: HO & S -8"long x 6" deep (or so) & O-11"long x 8" deep (or so) Heck, it's your Empire; make it as long & wide as you want-build multiple kits for a really long Coke Yard. We'll bet that there are a few S/Sn3


MOSSY DRIFTWOOD Ready-To-Use Weathering Stain #1067 for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal, Metal & Much More

Here we grow again! OK, maybe it was more of an OOPS!, and for the record, Debbie and I like this color a lot. We already have one report from a user that this makes a great weathering top coat for Worn Concrete. I can't wait to try it.

Think that another color is needed? Let us know & we will consider it.

Stone Service Station Kit-Flying A, Shell Oil, & Sinclair HC HO & O SCALE  #SMM3109 & #9109— *BRAND NEW*  Imagine just what happens to a boom town depot when the "rush" dries up and the beautiful stone depot and its activity are all but abandoned. And then along come the automobile and the demand for gasoline to run those automobiles and a need to occasionally fix the automobile. Some thrifty entranpaneur decides to save a few bucks by not having to build a Service Station and what better way to fill the Gas Station tanks but to have its own siding--or not!

Three Versions available" Flying "A"; Shell Spirit, & Sinclair HC. Bas and details including our 1229 Wayne Glass Top Gas Pumps. Watch for daily updates on thiswebsite; on our DEBENLLC Facebook Page and in our SMM Yahoo Group, too!

BRAND NEW DOCTOR BEN'S WEATHERING SOLUTION!!Creosote Weathering Solution #1063

This Ready-To-Use Weathering Solution looks just like it sound with all the strength of Doctor Ben's Blackest Pigment with just a splash of Dark, very Dark Brown. Only Doctor Ben’s has it and now you can have it, too!


California Freight & Details Co-HO is Now Scale Model masterpieces!Boiler House/ Machine Shop Kit by Scale Model Masterpieces #3314-O/On3/On30/1:48-Scale

Now Available! High Quality LabStone castings by the master himself added to Brand New Updates makes this kit easy to assemble with *amazing detail*. Grandt Line details, including stack & door hinges, precision basswood, Doctor Ben’s Rolled Tarpaper, Rewritten instructions & techniques, color photo, and illustrations show how to frame an addition for the rear so that this structure may store locos & critters inside!

BRAND NEW DOCTOR BEN'S WEATHERING STAINS!Faded Boxcar Red #1069 (aka Red Oxide/ Oxide Primer)

This is a color that is used for tarpaper, auto primer and for faded red boxcars (know any other uses?) and one of my favorites that I have 'hoarded' it to myself for some time. I suppose that it is time to share it with the masses. I can already see using this as a base coat and then dry brushing Rustic Barn Red on top!



When I am have needed this color in the past I have quickly mixed it up with Country Hickory and Antique White. Obviously, each batch is never the same as the previous or the following batch. It is time for some consistency in this color & another Weathering Stain Color. BTW Depot Buff will replace Country Hickory in the Structure Stain Set #1079

Can you think of another color that we should have? Let us know!

This is it for now. Got a problem, complaint, compliment? Fire off an email, letter or phone call and we will do the best we can to get you fixed up. Many thanks for your continued business. Happy Modeling!











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