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*List of Out-of-Production Craftsman Kits

*List of Out-of-Production Craftsman Kits

Manufacturer: FineScaleMiniatures Biz
SKU: 00001
Price: $0.00
This item is in stock
Fine Scale Miniatures.Biz

Out-of-Production Kits for Sale/Buy/Trade/Consign/Build

Fine Scale Miniatures HO Scale Kits

025   Branchline Water Tank

030   Signal Tower

035   Branchline 2 Stall Engine House

040   Timber Creek Flour and Grain Mill 045   Timber Creek Freight House

050   Brrr-ets Ice Station

055   Weary Willy's Truck Terminal

060   Elevated Coaling Station

065   Black-Jack's Car Repair Shop

070   The Flagstop Station

075   The Coal Bunker

100   Jacob's Fuel Co.

105   The Pile Driver

110   The Depot

115   Coal and Sand Shed

120   2-Stall Roundhouse

125   Water Tank and Tool Shed

130   Ezra Coopers Garage

135   2-Stall Engine House

140   Saw Mill

145   Canadian National Coaling Tower

150   Freight House

155   Elevated Coal Dock

160   Logging Repair Shed

165   Rock Bunker

170   Sawmill

175   Rail Car Shed

180   Sandhouse Complex

185   Crocker Bros. Feed Mill

190   R.Shramm Mfg. Co.

195   Barnstead Lumber

200   Rollin Sawyer Chemical Co.

205   Brambell Plumbing

210   Icing Platform

215   Mackenzie Milling Co.

220   Chester W. Rawlins Co.

225   Sewall's Foundry

230   Branch LIne Bucket Coaling Station

235   Small Town Station

240   Water Tank

245   R.H. Starkey Coal Co.

250   The Barongould Tannery

255   G. Wiliker's Machinery Wholesaler

260   The Chippy Hollow Hardware Co. 265   Swakhammers Welding Co.

270   Roadside Delights

275   Duffy's Coal Yard

280   Cartwright's Machine Shop

285   Jeffries Point Stave & Heading Co.

290   Emporium Seafood Co.

295   Fox Run Milling Co.

JAS   John Allen Special

   FSM Jewel Series

JS1 Pile Driver

JS2 Bailey's Produce Co.

JS3 Stuffy's Brewing Co.

JS4 Franklin Watch Works

JS5 Baxters Building Supplies

JS6 "Skinners Row"

JS7 Houligan's Alley

JS8 Dexter's Dead End

TRS Fine Scale Miniature Tree Stumps MISC 125 Assorted FSM Castings

BOC fsm 23 Castings Assortment

FSMB Franklin & South Manchester Railroad

SIB Fine Scale Miniatures "Scenery Ideas"

JAB Fine Scale Miniatures "John Allen" booklet

Builders In Scale HO Scale Kits

1 Weiry & Sons Well Drilling & Irrigation Co.

2 Nichols Wood

5 The Waterfront

6 Coeur D'Alene Mine

7 Tennessee Pass

8 Sassen Vinegar Works

9 Tidewater Wharf

10 Pitkin City Hall

103 Jefferson Station

104 C&S Watertank

605 C.G.& T. Hose Co. (Fire Station)


South River Modelworks HO Scale Kits

110 Delabarre Tap & Die

120 Threadwell Textile

130 Millett Creamery

140 Ware Knitters Machinery Repair

150 Martin Machine Co.

160 Stone Roundhouse

170 Rugg Manufacturing

180 Blackstone Paper Mills

190 Lamson & Goodnow

200 Cambridge Crossing

210 Thorndike Mills

220 The Brick Roundhouse

230 Currier and Son's Cabinetmakers

240 Car Shop/ Diesel Shop

250 Whitinsville Spinning Ring Co.

260 Sayles Mills

270 The Whitney Bent Furniture Co.

280 Wrisley Papers


Thomas A. Yorke Ent. Craftsman Kits

S2003 Office & Bank

O103 The Brick Store

O104 Alf. Giese & Co. Warehouse




NGHO1 Ramshackle Engine Shed

HO127 Concrete Block Engine Shed (58' long)

HO128 Concrete Block Engine Shed (87' long) HO131 PreFab Metal Station

HO132 PreFab metal Yard Office

HO136 St. Matthews School


and also in stock,


 Downtown Deco,


 Railway Design Associates,

 Scale Structures Ltd.,


 Timberline, & many others!

  We maintain a list of Our-of Production kits for Sale, to Trade, to Buy & to Build in HO, S & O scales.

  Is there a model that you would like that is not offered in your scale? We can build it for you!

  Smoky Mountain Model Building & Supply

  P. O. Box 465898 Lawrenceville, GA 30042-5898

   770/ 985-2896 | www.DEBENLLC.Com

Master Creations Scale Kits

20 Hukill Mine

25 Warnerville Water Tank

35 Angel Camp Water Tower

40 Fred C. Dobbs Mining Supply

55 Rutherford B. Hayes Coachworks

60 Minerva Casket Co.

65 SE Muldoon's Distillery

75 Fanny Schwann's Confectionary

80 Watt Moreland Waxworks

85 Coon Gap Sawmill

85 SE Coon Gap Sawmill Silver Edition

95 SE Hyde Pulp Mill

100 Donovans Transfer Company

200 Bodine's General Store

205 Railhead Saloon

215 SE McCabe Lumber Co. Store

604 Best Auto Garage

154 McCabe Hyde Pulp Mill

Elliot & Sons Supply


Model Masterpieces HO Scale Kits

102 Como Boilerhouse

103 D&RG 60' Gallows Turntable

104 C&S Section House

105 Colorado Midland Sandhouse

106 Chalk Creek Bridge

108 Kokomo Cabin 109 Lyons Depot

111 The Gazette

114 Colorado Midland 4 Stall Roundhouse

114-1 Colorado Midland Extra Stall

114-2 Colorado Midland Extra Stall

114-3 Colorado Midland Extra Stall

116 Shortline Enginehouse & Shop w/Ash Pit

124 Leadville Co. Powerhouse

126 HO Twin Deck Bridge

131 Division Point Depot

135 Bridge Wall & Pier Set-Concrete

136 Bridge Wall & Pier Set-Cut Stone

509 Horizontal Boiler

513 Air Operated Hoist


Sheepscot Scale Products Kits

1110 C & L Bardge

1020 Boston & Maine Hampton Station

1040 150 ton Coal Tower

1070 The Lime Company

1175 Beanfield Siding

1200 Acadia Granite Works

1231 Crane & Bardge

1232 100 ton Gantry Crane

1240 Hawks Nest Lodge

1250 Cat's Head Pier

1270 Red Herring Packing

1311 80ft Ferry

1340 Railroad Piledriver

1360 Fishing Boat

1380 50k Gal Water Tower


Sierra West HO Kits

101 Blue Sky Company

SW Shelby Marine

105 Twin Mills

202 Water Tank & Tool Shed

SW Deer Creek Machine Shop

203 Tractor Repair Shed

SW Eureka Springs Engine House

SW Scotia Supply SW Foss's Landing

SW Backwoods Work Train

204 Railroad Camp

3001 The Freight House

104 The Machine Shop

8087 Wood Cutters Shack

SW Quincy Salvage

8083 Eureka Springs Boiler House

This list is updated periodically, so check back often. Not all kits are available all of the time. If there is a specific kit you are looking for or you have available to Sell, Trade, Build or Consign, please Contact Us!

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