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Laws 56'/65' Turntable HOn3 Narrow Gauge w/SpiderCenter

Laws 56'/65' Turntable HOn3 Narrow Gauge w/SpiderCenter

Manufacturer: Sequoia Models
SKU: SQ4008
Unit of Measure: 1
Price: $55.79
This item is out of stock
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SP Laws 56'/65' Turntable HO Narrow Gauge w/Spider Center--Sequoia Models

Kit includes Supplement to build Narrow Gauge Turntable for both 56' and 65' for use in the below Color-Cast Turntable Pit. NOTE: Wood for lengthening turntable NOT included.

Doctor Ben's Split Granite Wall Turntable Pit

Turntable pits don’t have to be scary projects that tend to fall into pieces just when you are about to back your precious, expensive locomotive out of its stall. And with the quality products that Doctor Ben’s uses, you needn’t have to worry about a twisting, warping pit when you least expect it!

This pit’s inner wall has been meticulously constructed using Doctor Ben’s Baby Building Blocs ©.

About This Item

Information from the Kit Instructions:

Preparing the Turntable Pit

Each of these pits are cast in a very high and stable resin. This is done so that you will not have to worry about things warping and twisting around long after you have installed this pit into your layout. Still, the pit that you have received may (probably) have some tiny voids that were bubbles as result of the casting process. Typically, we pressurize our castings to pretty my void out these pockets. Unfortunately, the size of this pit does not fit our pressure pot, so there are a couple of things that you can do to remedy this situation.

First, a tiny clump of grass/weeds picked up with small pointy tweezers and a dab of super glue pointed into the void makes it disappear right away! Another idea is to use a small Dremel bit and a dental pick to make the pockets more ragged like the split granite and aged over time and chunks have fallen off. These two ideas are what I prefer to do.

If you are looking for that relatively new look (and what layout full of un-weathered buildings & rolling stock isn’t) a small dab of Squadron White putty or Testors Puddy with a small spatula will make quick work of the gaps. If you are not into those fancy puttys/puddys might we suggest using some paintable caulking or wood filler from the Big Box store instead?

Installation Instructions:

This Doctor Ben’s Fine Scale Turntable Pit is fairly simple to install. Cut a 12” square hole where you would like the pit positioned in your layout; build up some framing; test the fit of the pit and get all the wiring ready to hook up.

Begin priming and weathering as per the Doctor Ben’s “How-To #1: Turning Toys into Models” booklet. Install circular piece of track (a two-gallon bucket will help you curve the metal track) and test fit (a few strategically placed pilot holes with track nails as locating pins aids this process well) and cement into place with some 5-minute epoxy. Weathering will hide any epoxy that seeps out.

The dimensions of this Turntable Pit are 12" square overall with the pit dimensions of 9.125" diameter by 15/16" to the floor of the pit. The rail lip that you see in the image is 0.093" high by about 5/16" wide. the individual 3/32" BBBs are staggered as not to overlap joints.

Are you ready to do some weathering?

The following is an abbreviate version of the modeling & weathering techniques included in the Doctor Ben's "How-To #1: The Art of Turning Toys into Models".

Products Developed Directly from the Creations of NMRA National Award Winning Dioramas by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever

*NEW* Doctor Ben's 8-Piece Special Weathering Solution Set-8-4 oz Bottles!
It has been more than four years since we introduced a *new* Weathering Solution. Not to be confused with the Weathering Stains, using Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions will have your fellow modelers scratching their heads pondering just how you created that affect! (Descriptions below) All 8 Weathering Solutions Special Set

Find the following turntable kits in our store that may be used with this turntable pit:

Sequoia Models 65' HO Standard/Narrow Gauge Turntable Kit #4009

Sequoia Models 56' HOn3 NG Turntable Kit #4008

Both of the above turntables rotate on a "spyder" center

Doctor Ben's Products are:

User friendly, and Ready-To-Use

No complex processes,

Color fast—does not fade!

Super concentrated,

Clear, re-sealable containers,

Price Value $$$,

It's Doctor Ben's.

We are always looking forward to hearing original ideas & feedback from our friends & customers who have enjoyed using our products. Got a story to share, or am image that you are especially proud of? Send them in, we have thought that we should have more User photos. As always we are happy to return your requested material to you.

"Scale Products for Discriminating Modelers"

BTW We Gladly Combine Auctions! You don't even need to ask, we do it automatically.

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