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Orbisonia Depot-East Broad Top Railroad Built HO/HOn3 Scale

Orbisonia Depot-East Broad Top Railroad Built HO/HOn3 Scale

Manufacturer: FineScaleMiniatures Biz
Price: $385.95
This item is out of stock
HO Scale Depot kit constructed for customer and finished using Doctor Ben Products

Ready-To-Use Weathering Stain Set #2 for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal, Metal & Much More

   Are you tired of the costly, smelly petroleum based weathering and painting products that seemingly evaporated overnight? Do you like paying $5.00 for a half ounce of these very same products? Good news, Doctor Ben’s has now brought to you a line of easy-to-use, environmentally-friendly, finishing and weathering stains in four ounce re-sealable jars that are Color Fast and are Ready-To-Use when you are!

  About This Item:

All Eight Doctor Ben's Wood Stains Special!

For years Doctor Ben’s (aka Richard E. Bendever) has kept these versatile Weathering Stains to himself. So when that once famous—now defunct—Floquil® Flo-Stain product line stains started going for more than a $100 a bottle on eBay; Doctor Ben’s decided to test the market with first the Floquil® Driftwood and when successful, more stains would slowly begin to be offered. That has been several years now and boy have things changed!

The long story short is now that the Doctor Ben’s Aged Driftwood has been sold to many thousands of very happy Customers with huge acclamations. Doctor Ben’s is now offering more of the no-longer–available stains, but with a twist. Although the Aged Driftwood is an exact match to a 1983 bottle of Floquil® Driftwood, the rest of the stain colors would vary slightly from the original stain colors. And now you can have them too!


Doctor Ben's Antique White Weathering Stain

  Weathering Stain Set #2 includes: #1097-Aged Driftwood,  #1095-Worn Concrete, #1085-Country Hickory, #1086-Black Mahogany, #1093-Drpot Olive Green, #1094-Antique White, #1092-Rail Brown, & #1088-Pacific Redwood

We Turn Toys into Models!

  If you were to purchase all eight of these Weathering Stains individually it would cost you nearly $52.00 + S&H.

Doctor Ben's 8-Color Wood Stain Set #1

And there is a Weathering Stain Set #1, also!

Want to see more colors from Doctor Ben's? Just ask! Thank you for trying Doctor Ben's!

Doctor Ben's products work for any scale: 1/64, 1/43, 1/48, 1/35, 1/24, 1/25, N-scale, HO-scale, S-scale, O-scale, HOn3, Sn3, Sn2, Sn42, Sn 3.5, On3, On30, Gn15. plastic, metal, wood, resin, paper, painted, non-painted; Railroad and military models, too!

Are you ready to do some weathering?

Using Doctor Ben's Ready-to-Use Weathering Solutions

by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever




Finally - I hope that you have found this information useful. I apologize for the format of this article, but this is the only way eBay will allow us to share this information  with you without violating their Listings Policies. We also have this information electronically and in print. Please use the eBay contact process to ask a question. If you still have some questions just ask, others are probably thinking the same questions.

We Turn Toys into Models!


Products Developed Directly from the Creations of NMRA National Award Winning Dioramas by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever

Featured Store Products :

Ready-To-Use Aged Driftwood Stain-Replace Floquil-4oz. #1097

*BRAND NEW* Railroad Weathering 8-Color Set & How-To Booklet

Ready-To-Use Weathered Rust Weathering Solution #1054

DBSC Industrial Weathering Pigments Chicago Brick #1366

*Special* Weathering Stain Set #1-FloquilStain Colors-New!

Doctor Ben's Baby Building Blocs #8899-        2 Pounder Special!

*NEW* Ready-To-Use Weathering Solutions from Doctor Ben

Ready-To-Use Realistic Rust Weathering Solution 1050 NEW

ALL NEW 27-Color Armour & Railroad Pigment Sets! 

*NEW* 11-Color Pigment Sampler Sets!

Ready-To-Use Realistic Oak Weathering Solution #1081

Ready-To-Use Natural Pine Weathering Solution #1082 NEW

DBSC Industrial Weathering Pigments - Fresh Rust #1374

And a Hundreds More!

We are always looking forward to hearing original ideas & feedback from our friends & customers who have enjoyed using our products. Got a story to share, or am image that you are especially proud of? Send them in, we have thought that we should have more User photos. As always we are happy to return your requested material to you.


Some of our Models built with Doctor Ben's Products:

Indian River Fruit Co. -- HO Scale Hooker's Point Lighthouse -- HO Scale

 J.W. Wenrich's Manufactory

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