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Manufacturer: docu Fine Scale Model Products
SKU: DBZ9007
Unit of Measure: 1
Price: $10.89
This item is in stock
Description for this item:

VERTICAL ROUND STEEL TANKS-1pc. Tank 2-3/8”dia. x 2-5/8”tall Doctor Ben's #9007 MULTI-SCALE

This item listed is for one (1) (in the image to the right) "CIRCLED in RED" Tank and does NOT include the figure nor does it include the partial tank in part of the circle.

The sizes/dimensions for all Tanks are shown in the image above right. Also shown in the image are four scale figures in O, S, HO & N scale for you to view the figure's proportion to the Tanks. Click on the image to enlarge the image in your browser. We have "Hollow-Cast" the Medium, & Larger tanks to save material and shipping costs. EXAMPLE: The 1980s version of the #9009 X-Large Vertical Steel Tank weighs 1 pound, 7 ounces. Our same casting weighs 7.2 ounces! In fact, all seven of the tanks in the *SPECIAL* weigh less that the 'original 1980's' X-Large Tank casting. Bases for these Tanks are not yet available for this miniature Tank Farm, but that shouldn't stop you from creating you own bases using Doctor Ben's Baby Building Blocs. Add a 2-Pounder to this order and save yourself some shipping costs by letting us combine your purchases into a single shipment today!

Disclaimer: These items are UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED LabStone RESIN parts-Weathering & Finish Required. Assembly (when necessary) using most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air brush. Want to know how to weather your finished model? Scroll down to find out how! If you have a question, please ask & we typically will answer very quickly. The image(s) best describes this item & design. Thank you for your business!

See Our New Scale Model Masterpieces Kits!

Backwoods Ramshackle Engine Shed Kit by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces HO/HOn3/HOn2/HOn30

This rare *illusive* Ramshackle Engine Shed kit will accommodate HOn-2 1/2 / HOn30/HOn3 engines with a maximum length of 31'-10". The Interior footprint of this facility measures 1.425"W x 1.545"T x 4.400"L.

New Improvements to this kit are:

  • Detailed Instructions
  • Stone Foundation
  • Stepped Shake Shingles
  • Plotter-Cut Roofs
  • Grandt Line Details
  • Kappler Scale Lumber
  • Easy-to-Do Weathering & Finishing Techniques
  • Working Doors
  • Full-Size Plans

This kit features beautifully detailed Thomas A York Hydrocal© castings, Grandt styrene details, plotter-cut roof sections to size, full-size drawings (THUMBNAIL BELOW shows reduced size), scale lumber and detailed construction and weathering instructions. The ladders, five barrels & oil drums pictured are included in this kit. This is kit was produced in the early 1980s and is part of a four-piece set produced by Thomas A Yorke. The Water Tank, Fuel Tank & Turntable in the picture are NOT included & WILL be available separately very soon!

And yes, Doctor Ben's Weathering would look good on the roof. At right is the Elevation Plan/Isometric Views of this kit. Instructions are full-size sheets and included is a color photograph!

Order Your Kits Today!

*NEW* FEATURE! Hollow Cast Tower Sections for a *LIGHTED* Tower!

This kit comes with the beautifully detailed Thomas A York casting of stone, wood, and brick. First offered in 1979, the staining and weathering instructions have been updated to currently available products including easy to learn techniques in "The ABC's of Staining Castings" instructional.

This kit includes full-size drawings (THUMBNAIL Right), nine castings from meticulously hand-carved master patterns, Kappler Scale Lumber, Grantline windows, doors & roof detail, Sequoia ModelProducts white metal castings, Smooth-On Color Cast Standing Seam Copper roofing material, full-page updated construction and weathering instructions, and Doctor Ben's "The ABC's of Staining Castings" for create a prize winning model. The foot print of this fantastic model is 4" wide by 3" deep. Construction should only take a few nights especially if you follow the instructions and use Doctor Ben's products to finish the model!

*NEW* FEATURE! Hollow Cast Tower Sections for a *LIGHTED* Tower! If you purchased an earlier version with solid Tower Section and would like to have a hollow-cast Tower, we have have available hollow-cast Tower Section for $14.95. This item comes with changes to the original instructions for the installation and finish of this addition. NOTE: You have to have purchased the SMM kit version prior to this announcement in order to purchase the hollow-cast Tower Sections. All Rubbles kits now come with the hollow-cast Tower Sections.

Want to know what others think about this kit? Read the Charlie Getz Review in the Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette, July/August 2010 issue. Above is the the Drawing Sheet for this kit. Instructions are full-size LASER printed and included is a color image! This is an original Thomas A Yorke Enterprises casting now owned by DEBENLLC Products & Publications.

NOW Available: Industrial Engine Shed Craftsman Kit by Scale Model Masterpieces HO/HOn3/HOn2/HOn30

This kit comes with the beautifully detailed *original Thomas A York casting of stone, wood, and brick first offered in 1979 as the Industrial Engine House (re-release Coming Soon!). The construction, assembly, staining, and weathering instructions have been *significantly* updated to currently available products including easy to learn techniques in the Doctor Ben's instructional "The ABC's of Staining Castings" booklet.

This Craftsman kit includes 20-page Instructional booklet; full-size drawings (THUMBNAIL Right), Thomas A. Yorke *original* castings from meticulously hand-carved master patterns by the Master himself; Kappler Scale Lumber; Grantline windows doors & roof detail; Sequoia Model Products white metal castings; Doctor Ben's Tar Paper roofing material; PLUS all the Tips & Tricks of building an Award Winning Contest Model by Doctor Ben himself—Richard Hooker's Point E. (Ben) Bendever.

The foot print of this fantastic model is 4" wide by 6" long with just enough room to park a Jordan Highway Miniatures 1922 MACK Railbus. And yes, we have Jordan kits in our store, too. Purchase both and save *lots* of shipping. Construction of this kit will enlighten you to working working with numerous techniques and materials that you ma that you may have never heard of let alone tried!

Products Developed Directly from the Creations of NMRA National Award Winning Dioramas by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever

Featured Doctor Ben's Products

*NEW* Doctor Ben's 4-Piece Special Weathering Solution Set-4-4 oz Bottles!

Doctor Ben's Products are:

User friendly,

No complex processes,

Color fast—does not fade!

Super concentrated,

Clear, re-sealable containers,

Price Value $$$,

It's Doctor Ben's.

All Eight Doctor Ben's Wood Stains Set #1

We are always looking forward to hearing original ideas & feedback from our friends & customers who have enjoyed using our products. Got a story to share, or am image that you are especially proud of? Send them in, we have thought that we should have more User photos. As always we are happy to return your requested material to you.

Doctor Ben's Pond Scum Weathering Solution-4 oz.

Ready-To-Use Aged Driftwood Stain-Replace Floquil-4oz. #1097

*BRAND NEW* Railroad Weathering 8-Color Set & How-To Booklet

Ready-To-Use Weathered Rust Weathering Solution #1054

DBSC Industrial Weathering Pigments Chicago Brick #1366

Doctor Ben's 8-Color Wood Stain Set #1

*Special* Weathering Stain Set #1-FloquilStain Colors-New!

Doctor Ben's Baby Building Blocs #8899- 2 Pounder Special!

*NEW* Ready-To-Use Weathering Solutions from Doctor Ben

Ready-To-Use Realistic Rust Weathering Solution 1050 NEW

Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigment 27 Color Armour Pack

ALL NEW 27-Color Armour & Railroad Pigment Sets!

Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigment Sampler 11-Color Railroad Pack

*NEW* 11-Color Pigment Sampler Sets!

Ready-To-Use Realistic Oak Weathering Solution #1081

Ready-To-Use Natural Pine Weathering Solution #1082 NEW

DBSC Industrial Weathering Pigments - Fresh Rust #1374

... And a Hundreds More!

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