USPS October 3rd Rate Increase?

Remember the date October 3, 2021. This is the date the USPS has proposed to its governing Board to activate a “temporary” Rate increase to all its categories of envelope and package shipping prices. You ask yourself what does the USPS have against Halloween (October 31, 2021)? That is unknown, but if you wait until then it could cost you a lot more if you forget and wait till then to get Doctor Ben's & Scale Model Masterpieces products!
 Also we have an amazing couple trying to make their dream come true to own a model railroad hobby business!  They are interested in purchasing the Scale Model Masterpieces and they’ve started a GoFundMe account offering a percentage to donors who contribute a 25% Discount “for life! See all about the GoFunsMe down in this newsletter.
  So in my spare time, I've been able to work on the Doctor Ben's website. It has been a work-in-process and the Newsletter Sign-Up for Doctor Ben’s website which is separate from this DeBenLLC Newsletter is at the bottom of the Home Page. FYI The only to get the Doctor Ben’s Newsletter is to sign up. Hint! Hint!
    A sign that Summer is about to wind down is that Georgia schools are back in session for two weeks already. We've been fortunate to have a few days this week in the middle 80 degree temperatures-WHEW! Guess we'll see you in the Hobby Room ... Please wear your face covering; wash your hands; and comply with social distancing whenever possible. Thank You!

Split Granite Stone Single-Tunnel Portal
Scale Model Masterpieces HO/HOn3

Scale Model Masterpieces/ Split Granite Tunnel Portal (LabStone)... #5001 HO/HOn3 & Sn3/Sn2... About Doctor Ben's Scale Tunnel Portal #5001 (LabStone Unfinished Castings)... As a single component of Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium, the Split Granite Tunnel Portal is an original master creation utilizing the Doctor Ben's #8880 (3/32") Baby Building... More Information ...

Wood Shipping Boxes/Crates-(7pcs)
Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke Multi Scale
Description for this item:... Wood Shipping Boxes/Crates (7pcs-7/32" x 5/16" x 5/8" Long). Scale Model Masterpieces DETAIL PARTS are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Color-Cast resin parts and Assembly & Finish are Required. Assembly using most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air... See Here!

Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain-4oz
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
  Aged Driftwood Ready-To-Use Weathering Stain #1097 for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal, Metal & Much More... Are you tired of the costly, smelly petroleum based weathering and painting products that seemingly evaporated overnight? Do you like paying $5.00 for a half ounce of these very same products? Good news, Doctor... Read More Here

How-To #1 #2 & #3 Doctor Ben’s Scale Consortium Weathering Booklet Set  
  Each of our Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions Sets, Weathering Stain Sets, and Weathering Pigment Sets are accompanied by one of our corresponding "How-To" booklets (all three shown at the left). These laser printed, eight-page, four-color booklet have the very same information that we demonstrate at all the hobby shows we attend every year as well as available on our website Blog (Blog Archive, June 2015). And, if you purchase ... Read More Here
Save 12% over purchasing all four individually! Item #SMM5003

Boxes & Blocks & Bricks-Use for Multiple Scales!
    A few years ago we purchase the California Freight & Details Co HO product line. And believe it or not, we still have a number of the detail parts that we have yet to release. So, Here are four (4) newly released palleted sets: SMM5000-Palleted Boxes-Large w/Risers (2pcs)SMM5004-Palleted Boxes-Medium w/Risers (2pcs); SMM5010-Palleted Boxes-Small w/Risers (2pcs); &

SMM5075-Palleted Cement Blocks-w/Risers (2pcs). Save 12% over purchasing all four individually! Item #SMM5003. Watch for our upcoming How-To Tutorial on our website Blog Coming Very Soon
Rustic Scale Lumber-Natural Finish
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
  Rustic Lumber-Natural... Original Contest Proven Doctor Ben's Product!... When I first began building Fine Scale Miniatures kits (manufactured by George Sellios) many years ago, the part that I enjoyed the most was the realistic weathering and scenicing. Nothing irked me more than to... Read More Here
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Doctor Ben's How-To #4: "Hot Glue Casting" Booklet by Richard Bendever!   A number of years ago I was browsing through my old Gazette magazines and I picked up the January/February 1982 issue where I found an interesting article. In this long-out-of print magazine, I found an article about casting detail parts. In that article Terry Metcalfe described how he cast parts by melting beads of a thermoplastic called “Makit and Bakit” beads in RTV molds using an ordinary kitchen oven. I decided that this process was definitely NOT going to work for me.
  As a former Mold Maker/Tool & Die maker, I am quite familiar with the plastic injection process...  Read More ...

Backwoods Ramshackle Engine Shed Kit
Scale Model Masterpieces HO/HOn30/HOn3

  Backwoods Ramshackle Engine Shed Kit by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces HO/HOn3/HOn2/HOn30... Yes, this kit is in production and yes, folks are purchasing it & (hopefully) building it. This is too beautiful of a kit to leave it in the box! The accompanying images showing...Read More Here
Roof Top Access Stairway Shed (4pcs)
Scale California Freight & Details Co..

Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Natural Labstone parts-Assembly & Finish Required. Assembly using Doctor Ben's Hypo-Cement for tiny delicate parts as well as most...Read More Here
GoFundMe - Help purchasing a model railroad business
My name is Randy James and my wife's name is Penny, We are the James family and we are forming James Enterprises, We will be a LLC. Our plan is to purchase Smokey Mountain Models and Yorke Enterprises from Doctor Ben's. We manufacture model railroad detail parts and model structure kits. Plans are to also... We want to give back to our community by supporting schools and non-profits. We also want dedicate some profits to GoFundMto help others as we have been helped.  CLICK HERE or Image at Right for much more information!
  Debbie & I hope that you will support Randy & Penny to reach their GFM Goal to purchase the Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas A Yorke Ent. business! Please Share this Post so we can spread the word about this fantastic opportunity!

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