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Want something to do inside away from the crazy, HOT weather?
   Yes, lots of changes as we adapt to the "New Normal". Multiple Georgia Counties have open schools with face-to-face class rooms. Fingers crossed that it they don't turn out like the Georgia Overnight YMCA Summer Camp.where 260 campers & staff tested Positive for COVID-19 within 4 days of opening camp.
  We launched the Doctor Ben's website ( two weeks ago and this past week interfaced with MailChimp and Facebook. We've been receiving quite a few orders and comments one in particular if Doctor Ben's & DeBenLLC orders could be combined with orders to save postage. Sorry, No; not at this time. We will continue to offer the Doctor Ben's products on both websites until the Doctor Ben's business is sold. 
  If you are following me on Facebook as Richard Bendever (most of you know me as Ben Bendever), I am one in the same person and yes, I did have a birthday this week  Doesn't everybody have at least on birthday a year? Thank You everyone who wished me a Happy B-Day!
  Oh well, sorry to ramble on; got to get back to filling orders, casting details, chopping BBBs, making solutions, stains & pigments.  And not to cause a panic, but we may be taking a trip in the next few weeks. We'll probably be away for about two weeks. and if you're thinking of making some purchases, you may want to consider doing it soon ... very soon! So, we hope that you and yoyr family are surviving this Pandemic and be very safe; wearing a face-covering and washing your hand! We hope to see you in the Hobby Room ...

Doctor Ben's Rustic Barn Red Weathering Stain & Weathering Solution Charts

   A number of years ago and quite a few Weathering Stains & Weathering Solution less than we have now, one of our customers created the Weathering Stain Chart that you see in each of the Weathering Stain descriptions. And last year we announced that we had received a number of requests for an update. Although it's long over due to create a "New" color chart including the new addition of two brand new Weathering Stains, we've just not had the time. Anyone interested in helping?

  The new chart will be formatted just like the original chart with a few changes. The chart will start with Aged Driftwood (#1097) and eventually end up with the two new Weathering Stains; Timberline Green (#1065) & Faded Slate Gray (#1064).

 What we would like is for the *new* stain chart to be just as is shown in the original chart beginning on the left with three (3) coats of the color; then two (2) coats of the color in the middle; and then a "wash" coat on the right. In case you do not remember or you not yet read one of my Blogs, Clinic Handouts, or Scale Model Masterpieces kit Instructional Booklets (including How-To Booklet #2), the "wash" technique is created by dipping the tip of the 1/4' round paint brush into the stain or solution and then applying that combination to the surface of the detail and/or casting an/or wood and/or plastic-well, you get it, right? Obviously, it was need someone who already has most if not all of the Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains--maybe multiple of folks could send images of the stains that they have? Any assistance would be a huge help! 
   A bit of information for those who do not know or have forgotten, Doctor Ben's Stains, Solutions and Pigments are "color-fast" (sunlight & ultraviolet lights do not fade them), our Weathering Stains are not thick like hobby paints so the detail is not lost by apply another coat.

  For the complete "Tips & Techniques" Blog article, please visit our website! See you there!

Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigment Products
 This is a much bigger container of weathering product than the little thimble that other folks offer-PROMISE! ... They're Not a Powder and They're Not a Chalk, They ARE Industrial!
 Using Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigments®
As a single component of the Doctor Ben's Weathering Products, the Industrial Weathering Pigments are an even more powerful tool in creating a realistic Model. Not a powder, not a chalk, the Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigments are very easily applied using a soft, but stiff, brush. However, be careful, a little bit goes a very long way!  Please CLICK HERE for lots more details about the amazing Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution products!.
Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution 4 & 8 Ounce Jars
  One day I literally fell over an idea as I was helping my brother install some custom cabinets on a commercial job site. The long story short is that although my formula has changed over the years, AND, a lot of folks have tried real hard to copy my Doctor Ben's products, but they still haven't come close. I do say that this product might not be for everyone; but the fact that we have sold tens-of-thousands of jars of Weathering Solutions leads me to think that folks like using our Doctor Ben's products--a lot! all of which are Ready-To-Use Weathering Solutions (4oz jar) for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal©, Metal & Much More
  Please CLICK HERE for lots more details about the amazing Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution products!.
California Freight & Details Company HO & N-Scale
 In 2016, we have acquired the Cal Freight N Scale Details by hundreds; and we do mean hundreds of boxes, barrels, junk, bags, stacks, lumber, A/C units, duct work, trucks, vans, buses, boats, sheds ... and much, much more. We do have some of the N Scale on our website, but this acquisition will explode our current product inventory.
  For even more N Scale Products jump over to our Scale Model Masterpieces N Scale Products by CLICKING THIS LINK!


   Please Note: We are Open for Business and Debbie & I are casting & assembling details and kits as quickly as possible. However, you may be interested to know that this Business as described and listed below including all equipment, raw material, finished & unfinished goods, supplementary material, etc  is *For Sale*. At the left of this message you will find a page showing & describing in detail (work-in-progress) all that is included in the purchase of this business. Please feel free to Email Us and/or Call our Business Phone 770-666-8100 for additional details and information. 

  In July, 2009, DEBen LLC has purchased the products including but not limited to all kit master patterns, molds and drawings know also known as “Thomas Yorke Enterprises & Thomas A. Yorke Ent.” and all other entities used during this period prior to the year 2000 and formed the Scale Model Masterpieces (SMM) Craftsman Kit line. And then in March 2012, the California Freight & Details Company-HO & N scale details was also incorporated into SMM. Also during this time... More Here

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