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Business For Sale: Scale Model Masterpieces (formerly Thomas A Yorke Ent & California Freight & Details)

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Scale Model Masterpieces formerly Thomas A Yorke Ent, California Freight & Details, & Sequoia Scale Models (Limited Products)
Part Number: SMM0000
Availability: NOTE: Doctor Ben's Business is a Separate Offering!

And Many Hundreds More!


  For Sale: Scale Model Masterpieces formerly Thomas A Yorke Ent, California Freight & Details, & Sequoia Scale Models (Limited Products)

   This Listing is a 24/7 operating and substantial business offering. Due to the listing limitations of this website it is impossible address the plethora of everything included in this purchase as detailed on its website. Please review the below Q&A and we encourage interested parties to call 770-666-8100 or email us with questions.

  Please refer to the Feedback of this site to review the 100% Positive Comments thousands of Customers have posted which address our consistent  level of Customer Service and business integrity at which we operate our businesses we are offering for sale.

   While we have been extremely successful in building the businesses that we offer For Sale, health issues have restricted many opportunities to grow this business even more than it has grown over the past 16+ years. That said, we feel that this opportunity has not yet reached its total potential and some of the below Questions and Replies provide a fair amount of information of material and resources are included in this purchase as well as what may be possible to grow this business even further. 

  We are more than happy to quickly respond to additional questions which may/may not  be included in the below Q&A. But please understand that lengthy online inquiries may require additional time for us to reply in depth. Thank you for your interests in purchasing this business Listing. 

Questions we have received:

  1) Is this Scale Model Masterpieces business profitable? Yes it is. Current product line is just over 300 SKUs.

  2) What can be done to make this business be more profitable? We have NOT attended a model convention and even in the past six years which we expect the new owner to return to the various conventions, events and shows which will bring much more exposure than what we currently do over the Internet and word of mouth.

  3) What all is included? The entire SMM business includes everything from the Thomas A Yorke Ent, California Freight & Model Co & Sequoia Scale Models (N-scale tunnel portals & retaining walls-currently not in products that we merged to form the Scale Model Masterpieces

  4) Is there a detailed list of what is included? All of the kits and details listed in the above header and in the below Footer: Category Index NOT including the Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium, OOP Craftsman Kits, or Smoky Mountain Models.  Additionally included are all the kit and detail tooling, master patterns, master molds, molds, documents, casting products, casting supplies, molding making supplier, mold making equipment, casting benches, storage cabinets etc and , plotter cutter equipment, software, 6,000+ customer list  Xerox Printer, HP Win 7 computer and a’’ the bins of detail castings, Grandt Line windows, doors, etc, kit packaging, a more… enough to fill a medium U-Haul van.

  5) Is a website included? Yes, we will create a fully functional eCommerce website and domain hosted for one year. The Buyer will need to establish a payment system and would be responsible for all costs associate with receiving payment for products sold. The price is $50,000 cash and or partial trade and Paypal is offering some financing options.

  6) We currently using a Doctor Ben's Re-seller outsource the small amount of Laser cutting in production.

  7) Yes, we do have the HO Sonora Store and O Scale Bordello (and a few other kits) are cast … but NOT in production. Just like the O Scale Bordello and a bunch of other kits, there is only so much two mid-sixty year old adults and two high school students can do a week just to keep up with current demand.

  8) What resources are necessary to pick up the contents of this business? Local Pickup by Appointment Only. The use of a small/medium cargo van is recommended and NOT provided.  Thank you very much for your business & for choosing Us for your hobby product needs. Packing & Loading assistance is not available but there are local packing & moving companies who will provide 2-3 person based on an hourly rate also paid for by the purchaser of this business. 

  This information is a "work-in-progress" and will be added to as questions and issues not addressed above are asked. Please check back frequently to review updates. Thank you for choosing DEBENLLC for your hobby products! 

And Many Hundreds More!

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