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Canvas Covered Machinery/Pallet #2 (2pcs) Scale Model Masterpieces/YORKE 1;48/On30

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Description for this item:... Canvas Covered Machinery/Pallet (2pcs)... SCALE MODEL MASTERPIECES O/On3/On30/1:43/1:48-Scale... SMM Natural Resin Architectural, Locomotive, and Detail Parts for Model Railroading & Scale Modeling are 'unfinished, often, unassembled' parts that typically have multiples of the same item in the package...
Part Number: SMM9178
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Description for this item:



SMM Natural Resin Architectural, Locomotive, and Detail Parts for Model Railroading & Scale Modeling are 'unfinished, often, unassembled' parts that typically have multiples of the same item in the package. Thank you for your business! As always, if you have a question; ask before making a purchase!


Originally, the prototype for these two kits is a structure located in the territory of the Colorado & Southern (C&S) Narrow Gauge Railroad in Idaho Springs, Colorado. The full story can be found in the March/April 1984 issue of The Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette by Harry Brunk.

This structure has been selectively compressed a little, but captures the prototype's feel and appeal and renamed, ƒ??The Feed Store and The Feed Store Annex.ƒ? Each kit structure is a complete freestanding structure that may be used alone or combined with its mate to form a rather large complex. An interesting structure can be created by keeping the two structures in relation to one another as shown in the photo, but perhaps 10' to 12' apart with a covered loading dock between them. Use your imagination. If the two structures are to be permanently joined as in the kit instruction photo, leave off the "hidden" end wall on The Feed Store and add bracing at wall joints between the structures. The option is yours!

Foot Prints: 6" x 7" & 5" x 8". Kit weights 7-8 Pounds & is well packed.

This kit comes with the original Thomas A Yorke Hydrocal castings including a very nicely detailed stone and brick original carvings, Grandt Line windows, doors, chimneys, and lampshades, four chimneys, 6 each barrels & boxes, Kappler Lumber, scale drawings, color photo on the box, Doctor Ben's How-To #3.

Limited Availability.

Boiler House/Machine Shop Kit Scale Model Masterpieces 1:48"Brand New Release in O Scale!"

The Boiler House/Machine Shop Kit was basically intended as an addition to the Roundhouse, but with a few additions it has turned into a model with many uses other than an addition. Included in this kit is a fourth wall (rear) to allow this model to be used as a free-standing engine house or goose barn, a mine outbuilding or it could even be utilized behind Main Street in town as a garage or ...

High Quality LabStone castings by the master himself added to Brand New Updates makes this kit easy to assemble with *amazing detail*. Grandt Line details, including stack & door hinges, precision basswood, Doctor Benƒ??s Rolled Tarpaper, Rewritten instructions & techniques, color photo, and illustrations show how to frame an addition for the rear so that this structure may store locos & critters inside!

This kit comes withthe*original* beautifullydetailedThomasAYorkecastingof stone,wood,andbrick.Firstofferedin1979,thestainingandweatheringinstructionshavebeenupdatedtocurrentlyavailableproductsincludingeasytolearntechniquesinDoctor Ben's How-To #2: "TheABC'sofStainingCastings"booklet/instructional.

Need a Water Tank for go with that Boiler House?

Originally offered by Thomas A Yorke Ent. as an HO Scale kit and part of the "Ramshackle Series", we now have this "Rio Grande" legend available in three scales. We have Color-Cast the bents and platform in a light grey driftwood color. The tank is hollow-cast in LabStone. The rest is wood, NBWs, a tank spout assembly, LabStone Foundation and detailed instructions and images. Next will be the "Bellgrade Lumber Co" Water Tank in a few months.

"Finally Available in O Scale!"


THE BORSCHT BUILDING by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces O/On3/On2/On30 1:48-Scale

This magnificent kit comes with the *original* beautifully detailed Thomas A York casting of super detailed stone, wood, brick, and textures not found in kit by other manufactures. First offered in 1988, the assembly instructions, staining and weathering instructions have been updated to currently available products including easy to learn techniques in Doctor Ben's How-To Series booklet/instructional. You will not be disappointed!

This kit includes everything in the original 1980s kit PLUS: full-size drawings, high quality, high density LabStone castings from "original" Thomas Yorke/Disney meticulously, hand-carved master patterns & molds, Kappler Scale Lumber, Grant Line windows & doors, original detail castings (+m

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