Spotlight Bordello & New N Scale Structure? ...


  Please join us tomorrow at the Chattanooga Modular RR group "Build & Weather with Doctor Ben's" event.  No, you don't have to build anything; you can just sit & watch, take selfie and videos; who knows, perhaps someone with be doing something that causes you to think up a possible new modeling idea! Some of the participants will be constructing the "Warehouse #2 Kit" which the the Second Step up from when they constructed and weathered a "Practice Wall Kit" at the last event. And if you decide that you would like to give either kit a try, we will have a few extras available to participate. The only cost to participate is the purchase of either of the kits.
  And for those of you thinking to yourselves that you live hundreds of miles away and can't make the trip; not a problem. Ask us how your local Club or Hobby Shop can organize such an Event!

2nd Annual Build & Weather with Dr. Ben's
Public - Hosted by Chattanooga Modular Modelers, Inc. a 501c3 public charity

  Build & Weather a complete structure kit with Dr. Ben helping you every step of the way. At the end of the day take it home and place it on your layout. The kit we will be working on is: Back Road Buildin's" Warehouse #2 Kit. It is available in HO & O scale or you can pick any of Dr. Bens other wonderful kits in any scale to work on if it fits your needs better... Continued on website-CLICK HERE


Product Spotlight: The BORDELLO & POOL HALL Kit

Scale Model Masterpieces/THOMAS A YORKE Ent. HO/1:87 Scale

Foot Print: 4-1/2" x 5-3/4"

 Finally! It here And it is AMAZING!! The design of this fantastic Craftsman kit much more like the 'original' 1979 version (SEE Image) than the southwestern version Tom Yorke did a number of years ago. But that's almost where it ends. We have used Tom Yorke 'original' hand-carved masters and created totally new castings to replace all that wood and time-consuming construction of the 2nd Floor Bordello, multi-pitched roofs, and both front facades. 

  And, instead of just 10 or so castings, there are now 27 LabStone high-quality castings, Precision Cut Roofs, Glazing and Signs (the Baba O'Rileys Pool Hall sign is like not other!), 4-Color Laser Signs and window glazing, meticulous instructions and Options, lots of images, and Doctor Ben's How-To #2: The ABCs of Staining Castings booklet.  So, for the few drooling in anticipation and the curious wondering about the changes that we have in store, the first change is obvious; an exterior stairway up to "Roxanne's" Bordello. Why you ask? ... CLICK HERE for the rest of the story!


KC's Workshop Jack Em Up Tire Repair as an "N" Scale Kit, too?

HO Foot Print: 4 x 5" $24.95 / N Scale?: 2" x 2-1/2" Price?

 We Spotlighted our friend and fellow modeler in a DEBenLLC Newsletter sometime back when Kenny Crump's KC's Workshop first became a Doctor Ben's Reseller and incorporating our Scale Model Masterpieces HO castings into one of his kits. Not so long ago the KC's Jack Em Up Tire Repair Kit was introduced in HO Scale. If you've not seen the Ron Pare Product Review Video on facebook, the review is a wealth of information about the kit.

  So since KC's doesn't have that many N Scale customers and DEBenLLC does not to mention the plethora of N Scale Tilt-Up Spline Style Walls and CAL Freight N Scale Detail parts, why not ask KC's Workshop to do this kit for us in N Scale!

  Interested in an N Scale version of this kit? Let Us Know!!


Don't forget, April 22, 2017 is "Earth Day"! Do something good for the planet.

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