Save 12% over purchasing all four individually! Item #SMM5003

Scale Model Masterpieces-Boxes & Blocks & Bricks--Oh My!
    A few years ago we purchase the California Freight & Details Co HO product line. And believe it or not, we still have a number of the detail parts that we have yet to release. So, Here are four (4) newly released palleted sets: SMM5000-Palleted Boxes-Large w/Risers (2pcs); SMM5004-Palleted Boxes-Medium w/Risers (2pcs); SMM5010-Palleted Boxes-Small w/Risers (2pcs); & SMM5075-Palleted Cement Blocks-w/Risers (2pcs). Save 12% over purchasing all four individually! Item #SMM5003. Watch for our upcoming How-To Tutorial on our website Blog ... Coming Very Soon

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Potential  New Product Announcement!
 We have offered the Doctor Ben's 
Split Granite Stone Single-Tunnel Portal in HO for years. We not have a customer commissioning us to custom build a Split Granite Stone Single-Tunnel Portal with an opening of 3-1/2" wide & 5-1/2" tall. For those of you out there who may NOT know this, I'm not a model RR-er. But, my business-Spidey senses make me think that this size portal with this opening size may have an application for S scale or O scale? Anyone care to enlighten me? Constructive Feedback would be greatly appreciated.