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Gerard J. Wilikers Machinery Wholesaler -- HO/HOn3 Scale
Gerard J. Wilikers Machinery Wholesaler -- HO/HOn3 Scale

Gerard J. Wilikers Machinery Wholesaler -- HO/HOn3 Scale

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Welcome to ...  "Gerard J. Wilikers Machinery Wholesaler"

Built 1990 by Richard E. Bendever

  This diorama that started out as a G. Wiliker's Machinery Sales Fine Scale Miniatures kit was completed in the Spring of 1990. This model was first entered into the NMRA SSR Spring Convention meet where it was awarded First Place in Off-Line Dioramas, Best of Show for the Convention, and a Merit of Achievement Award.

    This diorama was then entered into the 1990 National Model Railroad Convention being held in Pittsburgh, PA as an Off-Line Diorama. At the National Convention, this G. Wiliker's diorama was awarded First Place in Off-Line Dioramas, Badger's Award for Best Weathering, a merit of Achievement, and the Second Highest Points scored of the 100+ models entered into the contest.

 Photo Description #1: Would it be hard to believe that all of the details (except for the automobiles in the front of the building and the figures) are "cast in Hot Glue"? Look closely at the right photo. The coke machines, doors, brick footers for the dock, barrels, bumpers, chimneys, junk piles & clutter. machinery, ventilators, (and trucks in the rear of the building); they're all hot glue. Yep, and I even wrote an article about it in the 1996 NG&SL "Gazette" magazine."...



  Photo Description #2: The image at left is the same image of this model I sent to George Sellios, Owner and Manufacturer of Fine Scale Miniatures. George immediately responded with a postcard (and later on the phone) stating, "Richard, where ever did you find the prototype of my model?" Although this G. Wiliker's has some modifications differentiating it from the original kit (along with a substantial number of "Hot Glue Casting details), with the proper lighting and just the right setting, I had created the illusion fooling its Creator that this model was an existing and functional industry.....


 Photo Description #3: The photo at right shows one of the major changes that I made (besides so structural deviations) to personalize this diorama was to reverse the kit instructions colors of white with green trim to green with white trim. I was never so glad that I had done this until the 1990 NMRA Contest in Pittsburg where this diorama sat on the contest table beside three other G. Wiliker models all white with green trim....


  Photo Description #4: The photo at left is a close up view the two "Hot Glue" trucks mentioned above. The cement mixer body and the garbage collection body were robbed off of European HO scale vehicles and assembled to represent old and abandoned equipment.


Photo Description #5: The image at right shows a Vintage Vehicles "Steam Crane" (now Jordan Highway Miniatures #303) which is extremely detailed and quite a few hours to construct. I used the crane's door as a ramp from the elevated ground behind it to the top of the crane's cab. Originally I had planned to have a couple of guys up on top of the crane doing some repairs...


Photo Description #6: The photo at left shows the many possibilities for additional detail by creating an environment and adapting the model to fit the terrain.



 Photo Description #7: Photo at right shows how I incorporate water into every diorama that I build. The water pouring out of the pipe is obstructed by the photo credit, but there is a stream flowing by this side of the structure with lily pads and cattails in the stream



  Photo Description #8: Photo at left is a good view of the "faux" copper roof technique where I use a special watercolor matte board and Doctor Ben's Stains to create the colors ...




Photo Description #9: Originally, I really didn't like this "wood" awning and I almost tarpapered it several times. But then after I saw this photo of the sunlight coming through I was Ok with having left it as it was originally modeled.



   Photo Description #10: Photo at left is looking down at the left from of the diorama. This is a good view of the stream and the waste pouring out of the pipe from the side of the building. The rings of waves were created with 5-minute epoxy applied with a toothpick after the Envirotex┬« water has hardened. I had lots of folks trying to figure out how I had done this.


 Photo Description #11: This is a close up of the steam crane and trucks in the back of the diorama. All of the tress were constructed of "weed" roots. I had a landscaping business at the time and my guys would weed flowerbeds for customers and one of them said jokingly, "Hey Ben! This would make a great tree." And they did.



  Photo Description #12: I think that of all the dioramas that I have built and sold over the years, this one was the most difficult to let go.

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