Product Updates!

Tilt-Up Walls Are Back!
  Scale Model MasterpiecesEver since we first offered our Pre-Stressed (Tilt Up) Concrete modular building sections a few years ago the building sections were Color-Cast in a high quality resin by our good friend and fellow modeler, Tom Muella.  Unfortunately, since Tom's passing we have not been able to find a replacement resin caster and the Tilt-Up Wall stock has dwindled down to practically nothing.
  Prior to the end of 2015 we began trial castings of the wall sections using the same high quality, high density Labstone gypsum medium that we use to cast our Scale Model Masterpieces Structure kits and Detail Parts. The long story short is that our casting trial not only works very well, but that we have been able to reduce the product MSRP by 20-30%!
Scale Model Masterpieces  I personally prefer the Labstone cast building sections because 1) The additional of preparing and washing of the Color-Cast resin is no longer needed to remove the resin mold release. This time-saving step enables the builder to apply finish and weathering much more quickly. And 2) The finish results of applying all 25 Weathering Stains and 13 Weathering Solutions are much more realistic looking and may be varied by the number of coats applied to the wall sections.
  The only real difference between the resin and the LabStone building sections is that the LabStone walls may be a little more fragile. Since LabStone is so easily repaired with little or no noticeable marks, a tiny dab of CA glue and the wall is quickly repaired and ready to assemble, stain and weather.
  Watch for soon to be announce releases of vents, stairs, A/C units, and other details to dress up the finished models. And yes, the Pre-Stressed (Tilt Up) Concrete modular building sections are primarily an N-Scale product, but we have seen modelers use them in HO, S & O scales for retaining walls, foundations, and a bunch more applications.
  *NEW* Labstone Castings 20'x40' Pre-Cast Modular Tilt-Up Walls (2" x 3"w, 2" x 1-1/2"w, & 2" x 3/4"w) Scale Model Masterpieces N/Nn3/1:160-Scale 
  Pre-Stressed (Tilt Up) Concrete modular building sections. Each package contains 2 pieces of the same section. Each section is 20' x 40' long (2" x 3") or shorter depending upon the specific design. There are many details that will enhance the appearance of structures made by Scale Model Masterpieces for the SMM Modular Rail System structures.
  The exteriors of these buildings have been painted every color imaginable, so choose what you wish, our logo is a prototype example. Additional details include downspouts (Scale Model Masterpieces ) which can be placed were desired along the sides of the walls.Scale Model Masterpieces
  Very realistic lights can be made from rectangular yellow or orange LED's (Radio Shack, etc.) or pieces of clear plastic with a tiny hole drilled in the backside for a micro-mini light bulb (Miniatronics). Lights are placed all around the perimeter of these structures.

Wooden Barrels/Casks (10pcs) HO, S & O Scale
  Scale Model MasterpiecesWooden Barrels/Casks have been used for nearly every commodity imaginable: Wine, Beer, Spirits, Oil, Water, Flour, Nails, and all kinds of stuff. 
  So it makes sense that a plethora of wood barrels adorn nearly every model display, diorama, and layout. This new Scale Model Masterpieces detail consists of 10 pieces-5 open wood barrels and 5 closed wood barrels. Each barrel is 3/8”diameter x 7/16” tall and cast in the same high quality, easily stained and weathered LabStone materials that we cast our Scale Model Masterpieces Structure Kits and Detail Parts.
  Please Note: This Item shown in the above image is stained with Doctor Ben's  Realistic Oak Weathering Stain #1081 in order to show details of the wooden barrels/casks. Purchased products is a natural LabStone tan in color and may be stain and weathered using a world of products. but as always, we strongly recommend using Doctor Ben's products!
 This item is also offered in S Scale #SMM7048 and O Scale #SMM9048 and consists of 10pcs-5 Open / 5 Closed - 3/8”dia x 7/16”tall unfinished LabStone detail castings.