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Industrial Engine Shed
Industrial Engine Shed Laser Cut "Window Set"

Industrial Engine Shed "Window Set" HO/HOn3 Scale Model Masterpieces

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Industrial Engine Shed Window Set for Celestry & Side Brick Walls for original kits offered in 1979 as the Industrial Engine House (re-release Coming Soon!). The construction, assembly...
Part Number: SMM3110W
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 Industrial Engine House Laser Cut Window Set Update!

by Scale Model Masterpieces HO

This "window set" is a supplement for the Yorke kit first offered in 1979 as the Industrial Engine House. If you have the original 1979 kit & you would like to replace the "wood slats in the celestry" with windows, this is the ideal replacement. 

   Each purchase does one (1) set of two (2) walls for a single stall engine house. If you are building your kit to be two (2) stalls long, then you will need to purchase two(2) sets of this Laser Cut Window Set.

BTW Our now available Craftsman kit includes 20-page Instructional booklet; full-size drawings (THUMBNAIL Right), Thomas A. Yorke *original* castings from meticulously hand-carved master patterns by the Master himself; Kappler Scale Lumber; Grantline windows doors & roof detail; Sequoia Model Products white metal castings; Doctor Ben's Tar Paper roofing material; PLUS all the Tips & Tricks of building an Award Winning Contest Model by Doctor Ben himself Richard Hooker's Point E. (Ben) Bendever.

The foot print of this fantastic model is 4" wide by 6" long with just enough room to park a Jordan Highway Miniatures 1922 MACK Railbus. And yes, we have Jordan kits in our store, too. Purchase both and save *lots* of shipping. Construction of this kit will enlighten you to working working with numerous techniques and materials that you ma that you may have never heard of let alone tried!