Happy 2019! Ready to do Some Weathering?

 Welcome into the New Year! We're back for our  Holiday family travels and we've already had temperatures in the 70º  range and then today and through the weekend we're in the upper 20 and mid-30s--Good Grief!
   That said we ended up being a couple of day later than planned on our return home this year, again. And I didn't realize that the "new" website layout posts our *Travel Message* in a spot that does not show on some folks computer monitors unless they scroll down and see the message. My apologies. We'll reformat the Home Page so that our Travel Message is more towards the top of the page. I was thinking of trying another website template since this template has been so troublesome.So, our apologies to folks who didn't find the Home Page Travel message and and didn't get their purchase mailed in our usual 1-2 day time period.
  Speaking of change, we're planning on purchasing an inexpensive LASER machine soon to replace our Precision Plotter Cutter that we've used for the past several years. Our local High School teaches classes to use a LASER and I will first contact the teacher to find a student to help me get things going. Debbie and I are overwhelmed with the volume of business we receive for both the Doctor Ben's weathering products AND the Scale Model Masterpieces structure kits & detail parts and since we are both in our mid-sixties we are ready to slow down. The transition to using a LASER to make the Scale Model Masterpieces products will make the sale of the SMM products a more marketable business for someone to purchase in the near future.
  Also, we'll begin the process of creating a video series for the Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution, Stains and Pigments. So many customers have requested a How-To Video to accompany the How-To Booklet Series that since we've not been selling products at hobby & model train shows it just seems like the ideal accompaniment for the products on our www.debenllc.com website.

Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium N, HO, S & O Scales
  Now Chose Aluminum Metal and/or Metallic Cardstock Corrugated Material! See images of both materials and their descriptions.
   Some modelers may think that because one material is a cardboard-composite that this product is a cheap quality imitation, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The Doctor Ben's Premium Silver Metallic Cardstock matte finish composite & vinyl backing material is an extremely high quality product and quite frankly, if it weren't as good or better than the aluminum material that we have sold for years and years; we would NOT be putting our Doctor Ben's brand name on this product. Watch for upcoming reviews on this amazing new product!

"The St. Matthew's School House" Kit HO/1:87

by Scale Model Masterpieces formerly Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises

Footprint: 2-1/2" wide x 4-1/2' long. Small in stature; huge in detail
The prototype for this structure was one of the hundreds of photographs done for the Farm Security Administration by Walker Evans. The photo for this particular inspiration was about 1936 somewhere in Alabama. This structure is a complete freestanding structure that may be used alone or combined with other period structures.... Continued Here!

O Scale People Need a Place to Go?

Not a problem, we got it covered with three facilities!


Double Stall Wood PRIVY/OUTHOUSE KIT #2

Single Stall Brick PRIVY/OUTHOUSE KIT #3 

Scale Model Masterpieces Detail Parts for Model Railroading & Scale Modeling are 'unfinished, often, unassembled' LABSTONE kits that typically require stain & some assembly.

And we have furniture, too! Click Here!


Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium-All Four Weathering Stain Set Special & How To Booklet #2

*NEW* Doctor Ben's 4-Piece Special Weathering Solution Set-4-4 oz Bottles!This is a first time ever opportunity that DEBenLLC is offering all four (4) Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain Sets. This four set offer includes only one (1) How To booklet & NO Junk Piles! We will allow up to three (3) substitutions (duplicates in this 4-Set Special are: Orbisonia Green, Depot Olive Green, Depot Buff, Antique White, Rustic Barn Red, & Rail Brown), which MUST be listed in the "Comments" of the Order at the bottom of the Check Out page. 

No Comments = No Substitutions!

And yes, the new Stains Timberline Green and Faded Slate Gray are included as part of this set.

About This Product:... CLICK Here to learn More!

  Thank you again for an amazing year and the opportunity of providing you with our original hobby products Be sure to share this newsletter with your friends. Word-of-mouth is our only source of advertising. Many thanks for your continued business.

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