Eighteen Days Till Summer!

  June 2019 was a scorcher for us last year and already we're reaching mid-80 degree temperatures! We are finally expecting some mid to low 80 degree temps the rest of this week AND just like this time last year some potentially heavy rains all thanks to a Tropical Storm forming along the east coast of Mexico--Good Grief!
  You may remember in last week's Newsletter about Archiving our almost full Mail List. Obviously, if you received this Newsletter you've not been Archived ... but it could happen! If in the next few weeks you no longer are receiving our DeBenLLC Newsletter and all your friends are receiving their Newsletter, go to al old email or enter your email in the sign up box at the bottom of our Home Page and the system should allow you to recover your Subscription & update your information and you will be good to go! And PLEASE remember to include the scale(s) that you model. We use this information to include scale-specific literature with your order and if we don't know the scale(s) you model the information that we send to you may be limited.
    A very recent, very positive  note is that we now have one of our High School students back working for us through the Summer or at least until mid-August. Fortunately for her, she will be leaving for college in New York State and we will be in search of yet another high school student ... unless we find a buyer for our businesses!
  Finally, at right is an image a customer sent to us of how he stained and weathered the Scale Model Masterpieces medium & large crates on a flat be trainer. We have more; actually, a LOT more as soon as I can find the time to add them to our "Customer Photos" section page! In the meantime, well be seeing you in the Hobby Room and Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands!

Doctor Ben’s Scale Consortium Product Flyer 2020

  Something new we are offering in 2020 is the opportunity for Customers to both download and print the 2020 Product Flyer in both pdf & jpg format and/or include the Flyer in an online order. Heck, for that matter, why not have us mail you a copy mailed to you for just the cost of USPS Large Envelope postage. Options!  Options!  Options!

  Of course, you can print out this DBSC Product Flyer on your own printer and here's how.

  JPG & PDF format: For those of you who are familiar with and comfortable working with Adobe pdf, then this is an easy task for you. Click on the link at the end of this topic to open and then print and or save the pdf version of the 2020 Product Flyer. Open Flyer in pdf-CLICK HERE!

Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium Weathering Solution Set #3
  This #1182 Weathering Solution Set includes: Realistic Rust (#1150), Instant Age (#1152), Weathered Rust (#1154), & Muddy River Bottom (#1160) all of which are Ready-To-Use Weathering Solutions (4oz jar) for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal©, Metal & Much More. And, our Doctor Ben's How-To #1 Instruction booklets is included as well (a $3.99 value!).
  Using this Doctor Ben's Product: We sincerely believe that this is the most realistic topical application that you will ever find-guaranteed! 
 Realistic Rust is more like the rust that you would see metal-on-metal like that sliding steel door scraping on the steel surface or bracing of a boxcar or metal shed—and then dampened by the morning dew slowly etching away at the metal surface; 
 Instant Age is ideal for that dark full coverage and thinning Doctor Ben's Instant Age by 50% or more will flow into cracks and crevasses creating the illusion of shadows and depth; 
 Weathered Rust differs from Realistic Rust in that it is more like the rust that you would see on old farm equipment sitting out in the field—dampened by the morning dew slowly etching away at the metal surface; & 
 Muddy River Bottom is that brownish-greenish muck often found at the bottom of a stagnant river bed or stream and somehow makes it way onto buildings, auto and equipment.. All of these Doctor Ben's products are is intensely strong but easily thinned with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol to reduce its preferred intensity. More Here!

"The St. Matthew's School House" Kit HO/1:87

by Scale Model Masterpieces formerly Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises

Footprint: 2-1/2" wide x 4-1/2' long. Small in stature; huge in detail
The prototype for this structure was one of the hundreds of photographs done for the Farm Security Administration by Walker Evans. The photo for this particular inspiration was about 1936 somewhere in Alabama. This structure is a complete freestanding structure that may be used alone or combined with other period structures.... Continued Here!

Grungy Gray Weathering Solution 4oz
Doctor Ben’s Scale Consortium
Doctor Ben's Grungy Gray Weathering Solution is just as it sounds; a slightly, dark, ugly, run-down, dilapidated, dusty surface layer that you would find coating an abandoned mill or war torn structure and equipment. This is one of only a couple of Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions that you will NOT find in any sets, Years ago I needed a Solution to resemble that grimy, oily crud oozing off of spills on the tops of tank cars; spills & drops on asphalt; and nasty, dirty engine blocks. I'll bet that you can come up with a few more applications as well. Let me know, I'm always interested in a new application! Contest Proven Results!... More About This Product Below ...
Part Number: DBZ1162

Something New & Save $$$ Too!

Steel/Wood Tool Shed /Pump House /Storage Shed Set

Steel/Wood Tool Shed /Pump House /Storage Shed Set

HO  Scale

California Freight & Details Co. Detail Parts for Model Railroading & Scale Modeling are 'unfinished, often, unassembled' LABSTONE kits that typically require stain & some assembly.

Steel/Wood Tool Shed /Pump House /Storage Shed Set

N Scale

California Freight & Details Co. Detail Parts for Model Railroading & Scale Modeling are 'unfinished, often, unassembled' LABSTONE kits that typically require stain & some assembly.


Metal Roof Patina Weathering Pigment-2oz
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium 
  This is Doctor Ben's original technique where it is possible to literally add the green copper/brass Patina to almost any material-plastic, resin, cardstock, Hydrocal, metal-you name it! Check the images on the Richard Bendever dioramas in the Smoky Mountain Model Building-HO Scale dioramas built over the years! Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigment/Paint 2oz... Color is: Metal Roof 'Patina' Weathering Pigment Plastic/Metal/Resin 2oz-*NEW*... This is a much bigger container of weathering product than the little thimble that other folks offer-PROMISE!... They're Not a Powder and They're Not a Chalk, They ARE Industrial!... Using... Part Number: DBZ1348
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