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Logging Camp Portable Bunk House Kit Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke On3/On30/1;48

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Logging Cook House & Portable Camp House Kit Scale Model Masterpieces / Thomas A Yorke Ent. O/On3/On30 New Release!
Part Number: SMM9123
Availability: New Releas

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Brand NewLogging Camp Portable Bunk/Cabin Houses Kit!

O Foot Prints: Each 2-1/2” x 5-1/4” (2 structures)

  Not long ago we told you that we would make this kit once again available. It seems that many customers wanted to have more than just two Logging Bunk Houses for their Logging Camp. So we have bumped up the re-introduction of this kit--actually two kits since there are two Bunk Houses in this kit.

  As we previously mentioned in the Logging Camp Set, we've done things just a little bit differently with the Bunk houses. Both of the Bunk Houses have windows in both the front and the rear walls instead of the original windowless front and rear walls. This was a common practice in many of the Logging Companies 

PLUS! Shown in the image above, we are including a bunch of SMM Details in this kit: (2stacks) Fire Wood #5055, (2pcs-1 open/1 closed) Wooden Barrels #5048, Wood Boxes (2pcs) #5045, Wood boxes (2pcs) #5050, Hay Bales #5220 (3pcs)

Doctor Ben's Stains used for this kit: Aged Driftwood, Knotty Walnut, Antique White, Reefer White, Orbisonia Depot Green, Rail Brown, Depot Buff, Realistic Oak, and Pitch Black (if purchased with this kit Save 12%)

Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions used in this kit: Realistic Rust, Instant Age & Weathered Rust (if purchased with this kit Save 10%) 

  Logging Camp Background: Logging Camps were established at the end of the railway line to house the workers because the workers had no way of getting to and from work except by train. There were no roads out into the woods – the train provided the sole means of access. The camps were moved when the timber in the immediate vicinity of the camp was all cut. Along the Ten Mile Branch of the Union Lumber Company's (ULC) railroad, there were 42 camps ... Continued in the Instruction Booklet.

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