Hurricane Season, Already?

  Seriously, we've already had two "named Tropical Storms this month and the "official" start of the Hurricane Season is June 1st!  I don't even want to think what's going to happen when we start having full-fledged hurricanes, too!
  All that said, we're running a little behind in our kit casting because of the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order, nut just today the Georgia Governor made an announcement to ease restrictions even further--kids can soon go to summer camp but senior citizens have to stay home through June 15th. I can do that; we've still got a lot of catching up to do anyway
  Yes, we still have the business For Sale. Obviously, with the economic woes of this wold wide pandemic, folks need to use their limited funds for groceries, medicine, mortgage, electric, etc. And quite frankly, these businesses do even better when everyone stays home and weathers models because the economy is not all that strong.
  Another downside of all these new customers that we've been fortunate to attract is that our Mail Chimpis close to reaching it's limit and we're going to make some room. If you receive this Newsletter and don't open it and then your do NOT receive a Newsletter next week, you will need tolog into your DeBenLLC account and click the "Mailing List" box so that the system pulls you back out of the "Archive" list. And while you're there, check and make sure your contact information is current including your modeling scale in the Comment box at the bottom of the page.
  So here are a few of our many awesome products that you may have forgotten or just didn't know that we offer! Enjoy & see yo in the Hobby Room & Remember to Wash Your Hands!

Scale Model Masterpieces (formerly Thomas Yorke Ent.)

Random Stone Wall #SMM9000 

Multi-Scale Use-LabStone/Gypsum

Molded from the original Thomas Yorke hand-carved 1986 Master, the multi-use casting have never been made available ... until now!
  You may be saying to yourself; Hey! That stonework looks so familiar! And that may be the authorized (and un-authorized) use by some manufacturers using this Master Casting to create kit components. In case you're wondering, Authorized Users will identify the Origin and Permission to use this casting.
  Judge how this wall will look with your scale by the scale comparison of the HO, O & Scale figures shown in the image. The overall dimensions of each Random Stone Wall is 7-1/2"" wide by 6"" tall and 3/8" thick. A Thomas Yorke Ent. brick wall will be available next!

4-Jar Weathering Solution Set #3 w/How-To Booklet #1
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium 
  This #1182 Weathering Solution Set includes: Realistic Rust (#1150), Instant Age (#1152), Weathered Rust (#1154), & Muddy River Bottom (#1160) all of which are Ready-To-Use Weathering Solutions (4oz jar) for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal©, Metal & Much More. Using this Doctor Ben's Product:
  Using this Doctor Ben's Product: We sincerely believe that this is the most realistic topical application that you will ever find-guaranteed! 
Realistic Rust is more like the rust that you would ... 
Part Number: DBZ1182

Junk Piles included in Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain Sets Permanently! 
  We mentioned this announcement in a previous Newsletter  and the response and feedback has been very positive. Debbie & I felt it was worth a reminder in this Newsletter. Many thanks for the positive feedback!
  Originally available for a Limited Time, the response has been so great that we have made an addition of a Junk Pile in each of the four (4) Doctor Ben's "Weathering Stain Sets". Each set includes one of our brand new Scale Model Masterpieces "Junk Piles" (each set Junk Pile is different) and sort of like a Cracker Jack box; only you know the prize: a Junk Pile to practice with the Doctor Ben's Weathering Products and then add the finished casting to your model or layout!
  The complete Junk Pile Assortment is found HERE on our website. And, yes, the Junk Piles are labeled as HO but realistically, junk is a multi-scale item, right? Well, at least we think so and I've been known to mix scale junk on my dioramas for as longs as i have constructed them.

    Lastly, you are welcome to make comments to our BLOG topics, but you must log into your account to post a comment. As always, if you have questions, Please Ask!

Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain-4oz
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
  Aged Driftwood Ready-To-Use Weathering Stain #1097 for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal, Metal & Much More... Are you tired of the costly, smelly petroleum based weathering and painting products that seemingly evaporated overnight?
  This product is designed to be applied as a stain and should not affect integrity of the material to which it is applied. A good rule of thumb that we feel best describes the coverage of the Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains is that one coat will provide a light coverage; two-three coats will provide a medium coverage and four or more coats with build up, the more porous the surface ... 
Part Number: DBZ1097
Split Granite Interlocking Wall-(8-7/8" Lg x 4-5/8” Tall)
Scale Model Masterpieces  Multi-Scale

  Originally created for the Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium the Scale Tunnel Portal (and some other projects), this Split Granite Interlocking Wall is cast from an original master creation utilizing the Doctor Ben's #8880 (3/32") Baby Building Blocs. Use this Interlocking Wall to make your own tunnel portals, retaining walls, split waters, foundations without spending hours needed to scratch build the project. Simple cut & fit with a track saw & glue together!
  The overall dimensions of this Interlocking Wall are 8-7/8" wide by 4-5/8" tall and 3/8" thick. Notice that the individual 3/32" BBBs are staggered as not to overlap joints.
  Please realize that this item is NOT your typical Chooch/A.I.M. interlocking wall. This casting has been crafted with such high tolerances (as casting Labstone will allow) that when interlocked with another wall, the joint is practically impossible to identify. Casting thickness will vary slightly and filing/sanding interlocking finger/opening joints may be needed. Still, there has never been an Interlocking Wall Casting available with such an original, unique texture and finish. We promise that you will be impressed!
 SMM Castings and Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/ UNASSEMBLED Labstone/Dental Stone castings-Assembly & Finish Required. Part Number: SMM5002
Wooden Barrels/Casks (10pcs)
  Scale Model Masterpieces              HO, S, & O
  Description for this item:... Wooden Barrels/Casks (10pcs)... SCALE MODEL MASTERPIECES O/On3/On30/1:43/1:48-Scale... SMM Natural Resin Architectural, Locomotive, and Detail Parts for Model Railroading & Scale Modeling are 'unfinished, often, unassembled' parts that typically have multiples of the same item in the...
Part Number: SMM9048

Faded Slate Gray Weathering Stain Doctor Ben's #DBZ1064
   Some time ago we mentioned that we added a new Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain. "Faded Slate Gray" (#1064) as  our newest flavor with a medium-dark musk and a hint of dense hardwood forest which is just perfect for that logging camp house and cook house application. If you've not figured out already what we have planned for this color, we're working on the long out-of-production HO & O scale Logging Camp Houses and Cook House Camp facilities.
  So our very latest Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain is Faded Slate Gray" (#1064) darker than the Worn Concrete (#1095) but not so dark that it has a nice faded look for those slate roof shingles.   

   This product works best in conjunction with other Doctor Ben's Weathering Products as well as competitor products. We recommend trying Realistic Rust on top of Instant Age and vise versa. As with all of our products, for the ultimate realism, apply turning your objeDBZ1097 - Doctor Ben's Weathering Stainct upside down allowing gravity to pull the residue to the top of the protrusions. This way when you turn it right side up, the residue is not running down towards the bottom of the models and the effect looks just like real life.

   We are also including Faded Slate Gray Weathering Stain in our Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain Set #3 (DBZ1079). Now you have two choices of adding Faded Slate Gray to your hobby color pallet!

    If you have specific color in mind for us to consider adding, please send us a Message and we'll add it to our want list so that you may add it to your Wish List!

Timber Tunnel Retaining Walls O/1:48 Scale #SMM9131 

Left & Right Retailing Walls (LabStone/Gypsum) as well as both walls as a Set

The Timber Tunnel Retaining Wall(s) are ideal to use with the Scale Model Masterpieces Timber Tunnel Portal #SMM9130. All castings include detail wood grains (not too much) and NBW (nut, bolt & washer) castings molded in place.

The overall dimensions of each Retaining Wall (Right and/or Left) are 6-7/8"" wide by 4-7/8"" tall and 3/8" thick.

All you have to do is stain, weather and install! Really, you don't know a really easy and fast way to stain resin & LabStone castings? Just Ask Doctor Ben! More Here!

  Cal Freight N Scale Update
The hottest Topic on Facebook is our N Scale Cal Freight & Details!
  Question #1: Just wondering if you will be producing Cal Freight industrial steps #2140?
Answer: Yes we will! This detail and many, many more are ideal products as additions to our already very popular Tilt-Up Spline Style Walls
  Question #2: Will you be casting the N Scale Cal Freight Details in Labstone like many of the HO Cal Freight stuff is cast? ... I hate resin!
Answer: Yes we will transition details to be cast in Labstone for many of the N Scale Details and, after the inventory of resin details of a detail runs out. The transition of N Scale Details to Labstone may not be possible for the tiniest details such as XXS vents, but you can be sure that we will give it a good try. Labstone is by far a much easier product to stain and weather especially if you are interested in using your Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains, Solutions and Pigments.
   FYI As a matter of fact, we have already started casting the N Scale Roof Top Access Stairway Shed (3pcs) CAL1000. And the package includes more casting than the original product use to include (1pc vs. 3pcs).
   Who knows, maybe we'll bring in some S scale & O scale details, too! 
  BTW New products are being uploaded to our website on a daily basis! Have a L@@K!

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