Warehouse #2 in HO & O Scale!


"Back Road Buildin's" Warehouse #2 Kit in HO & O  
Need more warehouse space? Now available is the former Thomas A. Yorke Ent. "Warehouse #2" kit for a little larger complex. Tom Yorke designed this kit to be similar in design to the "Thrasher Bros. Warehouse #1" modeled after the prototype in Micanopy, Florida. This easy to build high quality Labstone cast structure positioning door and windows, has a shingle roof and sits on eight brick piers and stairs to get in the door. The tractor, automobile, tree, scenery, and Warehouse #1 are NOT included. But you can expect to get a bunch of Scale Model Masterpieces/California Freight boxes & barrels to detail the exterior of this Warehouse kit
  Like the "Warehouse #1" kit, the detailed plans and instructions guide the modeler through the assembly and include complete Doctor Ben's painting and weathering techniques and information. This kit includes Grandt Line plastic details, Kappler scale wood, Doctor Ben's Precision Shingles, and Scale Model Masterpieces/California Freight details. Foot Print: HO-1-1/2" x 3" & O-2-5/8" x 5-3/8". Reservation Price Available Now Until Shipping begins in the next few days!
  One a side note, last fall we did a Weathering & Building Hands-on-Clinic for theChattanooga Modular Modelers, Inc. a 501c3 public charity Club members who purchased the Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Practice Wall & Details Kit  and the experience was such a hit we have decided to structure the Back Road Buildin's" Warehouse #2 Kit also as a  Practice Weathering & Building Hands-on-Clinic kit. The way that this works can be one of a couple of ways.1) A Club may purchase a bulk selection of Back Road Buildin's"  Warehouse #2 Kits ( N & S Scale may become available if enough interest) to sell to the members, 2) The Club provides a member list and each Club Member is responsible to purchase their own kit. Choice "1" method allows the Club to save a good deal of postage for the Members and the Option to mark up the price sold to the Members as a fund raiser for the Club.
  We have already been working the Retail Hobby Shops who have had Hands-on-Clinic with the Practice Wall Kits for their customers with great success. Heck, if the Hands-on-Clinic isn't too far away from us, you might have the Option to have Doctor Ben's conduct the Hands-on-Clinic Event at your location! Stay tuned!
   Also, in the last Newsletter we made announcement of a soon-to ship kit of our Scale Model Masterpieces Back Road Buildin's" Thrasher Bros. Warehouse Kit #9147 at a Reservation Price which was incorrectly priced and is now corrected at a much lower price. Please accept our apologies and those individuals who paid the incorrect amount have already received a refund for the excess payment. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.


California Freight & Detail Company N Scale Details is Now Scale Model Masterpieces
The ink is still fresh on this recent acquisition which will increase our N Scale Details by hundreds; and I do mean hundreds of boxes, barrels, junk, bags, stacks, lumber, A/C units, duct work, trucks, vans, buses, boats, sheds ... and much, much more. We do have some of the N Scale on our website, but this acquisition will explode our product inventory..
  In fact, there are a whole group of details where the masters were originally created but never made available.
  All that said, I estimate that it will take us some time to organize & sort things out. If you have an interest in anything Cal Freight detail(s) that you are desperately waiting for, please let us know and we'll do what we are able to make it available again.
  Stay tuned, this may be a wild ride!

   Thank you for your patience & your business! Please tell your friends; it’s our only advertising.
Sincerely, Debbie & Richard Bendever