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Got Junk? Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain Sets! 
  We mentioned this announcement in the last Newsletter a few weeks ago and the response and feedback has been very positive. Debbie & I felt it was worth a reminder in this Newsletter. Many thanks for the positive feedback!
  For a Limited Time we have made an addition to each of the four (4) Doctor Ben's "Weathering Stain Sets". In each set we are including one of our brandnew Scale Model Masterpieces "Junk Piles" (12 different Junk Piles available) in each --set sort of like a Cracker Jack box, only you get to know the prize: a Junk Pile to practice with the Doctor Ben's Weathering Products and then add the finished casting to your model or layout!
  Since there are four (4) Weathering Stain Sets, for a limited time we will include SMM5531 in Stain Set #1; SMM5530 in Stain Set #2; SMM5533 in Stain Set #3; & SMM5534 in Stain Set #4! Each of these Junk Piles has a value of $4.89 to $5.89. Yes, the Junk Piles are labeled as HO but realistically, junk is a multi-scale item, right? Well, at least we think so and I've been known to mix scale junk on my dioramas for as longs as I have constructed them.

  And by the way, this offer is NOT available in our DEBenLLCP-P Ebay Store.  

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Split Granite Interlocking Wall-(8-7/8" long x 4-5/8” TALL)-Scale Model Masterpieces  Multi-Scale

  Originally created for the Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium the Scale Tunnel Portal (and some other projects), this Split Granite Interlocking Wall is cast from an original master creation utilizing the Doctor Ben's #8880 (3/32") Baby Building Blocs.

 Use this Interlocking Wall to make your own tunnel portals, retaining walls, split waters, foundations without spending hours needed to scratch build the project. Simple cut & fit with a track saw & glue together! The overall dimensions of this Interlocking Wall are 8-7/8" wide by 4-5/8" tall and 3/8" thick. Notice that the individual 3/32" BBBs are staggered as not to overlap joints.

  Please realize that this Split Granite Interlocking Wall is NOT your typical Chooch/A.I.M. interlocking wall. This casting has been crafted with such high tolerances (as casting Labstone will allow) that when interlocked with another wall, the joint is practically impossible to identify. Casting thickness will vary slightly and filing/sanding interlocking finger/opening joints may be needed. Still, there has never been an Interlocking Wall Casting available with such an original, unique texture and finish. We promise that you will be impressed!

 SMM Castings and Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/ UNASSEMBLED Labstone/Dental Stone castings-Assembly & Finish Required.