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Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains    
  Ready-To-Use Weathering Stain for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal®, Metal & Much More  - 4oz JarDBZ1097 - Doctor Ben's Weathering StainFor years Doctor Ben’s (aka Richard E. Bendever) has kept these versatile Weathering Stains to himself. So when that once famous—now defunct—Floquil® Flo-Stain product line stains often going for more than a $100 a bottle on eBay; Doctor Ben’s decided to test the market with first the Floquil® Driftwood and when successful, more stains would slowly begin to be offered. That has been several years now and boy have things changed!

DBZ1097 - Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain  Ever since 1991 we have offered a non-petroleum replacement for the long defunct Floquil Flo-Stains© products; beginning with the Driftwood Stain that has been recommended in the manufacture of Fines Scale Miniatures kits (George Sellios) for more than forty years. Many thousands of jars of Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain have been sold with equally thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers in literally every modeling scale... Read More!

Doctor Ben's Weathering Pigments--As a single component of the Doctor Ben's Weathering Products®, the Industrial Weathering Pigments are an even more powerful tool in creating a realistic Model. Not a powder, not a chalk, the Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigments are very easily applied using a soft, but stiff, brush. However, be careful, a little bit goes a very long way!

  I've been using the Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigments to tint Hydrocal© for years. Just a 1/4 teaspoon make a whole lot of difference when tinting white Hydrocal© to an earth tome color. very cool! These are all great products and as we get more images we'll get them posted here as soon as possible!

  The Doctor Ben's Weathering products work best in conjunction with other Doctor Ben's Weathering Products as well as competitors' products--hey, why not!Doctor Ben's

All Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions are available in 2 ounce wide-mouth recyclable jars individually and in money-saving 27-jar & 8-jar sets as well as an 11-Color Pigment Sampler Set. All Weathering Solutions sets include the 8-page color Doctor Ben's How-To #3 Turning Toys into Models Booklet. Each has a description instructing its use and maybe modeling techniques used to get the most out of this item. As always, if you have questions, please ask!

Scale Model Masterpieces - Details Parts (Z, N, HO, S & O Scale”.  This is where we now offer re-introduction of most, if not all of the Thomas A Yorke Ent., Doctor Ben's Scale Products, and Cal Freight HO Scale Details and Accessories.

 Assimilating all of these product lines has been a long and arduous process due to the complexities of identifying the Thomas Yorke Ent product line as well as developing the products all the while managing day-to-day business such as our extremely popular Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium Weathering and Scratchbuilding product line.

Detail Parts Sub-Categories

New Old Stock Explaination  Select a scale by clicking on the above Links. There you will find  the Scale Sub-Catagories as well as the opportunity to download and print a pdf document of the Product List for that Scale.

  FYI You may find next to some kit titles, the phrase, 'New-Old-Stock' or NOS. Both of these terms means that this may be an 'original Thomas A Yorke Enterprises or other brand kit that we have had to purchase to verify ... Read More!

8-Jar Weathering Solution Set #2 & How-To Booklet
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
The Doctor Ben's  #DBZ1181 8-Jar Weathering Solution Set includes: #1150-Realistic Rust, #1152-Instant Age, #1154-Weathered Rust, #1158-Grimy Dusty Buff, #1156-Granite Ballast Grey, #1159-Huck's Whitewash, #1157-Pond Scum, & #1160-Muddy River Bottom;  and the How-To #1 Booklet all of which are Ready-To-Use Weathering Solutions (4oz jar) for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal©, Metal & Much More
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 We've not had time to post any website Blog "TIPS & TECHNIQUES" in quite a while. The following T&T popped up on facebook a couple of weeks ago and one of our DEBenLLC fb friends asked for a more legible (standard fonts) description.
Scale Model Masterpieces Tip: Creating Natural Wall Joints Posted  on 11/8/2017 to Tips & Techniques

  "The corner column protrusion can easily be overlooked when assembling two stone (or brick) walls. The natural inclination is to attempt to ..." CLICK HERE to go to the post.

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