Free Shipping for Gazettes!

  A project that has gone on around here for a couple of years now is just about come to completion. We have had stacks and stacks of Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette magazines stacked up all over the place with hopes of organizing them and inventorying them in hopes of selling them off to make space for much needed space. I know that lots of you have repeatedly sent messages asking "when". The time is now!

 More good news for you is that there are many more magazines than we expected and we felt that we needed to make a "Special Offer" to motivate customers to take the plunge. I know that there may not be enough Sets to build a full collection of Gazettes of 1975 to present, but I'm pretty certain that a quasi-complete set or two is possible. Oh, by the way; first buy, first get. When they're gone, there are no more. Good Luck!

   We got some more updates on the Customer Photos page! And be sure to share this newsletter with your friends. Word-of-mouth is our only source of advertising. Many thanks for your continued business.