Happy President's Day! (USA)

    We hope that you are having a decent weekend--weather wise. Although it's been a bit cool in the early morning, we're fortunate to have two sunny days (not so much today) in a row. WOW! That hasn't happened in a while. Our luck starts to run out on Tuesday when the rains start up again. Sigh!  
  We've been in talks with a couple more potential buyers for the Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas A Yorke Ent business. One person wants just the Yorke kits and the other is interested in the N Scale & HO scale details. What do you think?
  So tomorrow, February 17th, is Presidents Day which is what many Retailers refer to as, just another opportunity to have a sale. Which may be difficult for many Hobby Manufacturers to do when they already feels like their products are already very fairly priced. So, to discount an item infers that the item may not be worth the MSRP, right? That is is a dilemma for many. So to participate or not to participate., scroll down the page to find out!
   And finally, a customer brought to our attention a website issue in the Out-Of-Products (OOP) Consignment Category. Some how and sometime ago the Category Description got moved to the Footer of the page. That was an easy, but very important fix because we own only a few of the items in this Category because quite frankly, we got out of the OOP Kits Reselling business back in 2005. You can read all about this by Clicking Here! Our apologies if for causing any confusion. We do try to correct any issues as quickly as possible. Time to go, guess we'll See You in the Hobby Room ...

  What have we been up to?...

Scale Model Masterpieces (formerly Cal Freight) New Products!

Doctor Ben's N Scale - CORRUGATED SIDING/ROOFING Material (10pcs) #6230 N/Nn3/1:160
This product is for ten (10) individual sections/sheets of Corrugated Roofing/Siding Material (1"x 6") ready to be cut to your size, applied and then weathered. All you have to do is cut to size and glue (or use Super Sticky Adhesive #2924) to your roof! A single section is an N scale 16' Wide... CLICK HERE to see more!

N Scale - Concrete & Brick Industrial Staircase - 2 Units 4' to 5' to top step (Labstone) 

  A must for getting N Scale people up to the Loading Dock personal door level (4-5 feet). Got Tilt Up Spline Style Walls? CLICK HERE to see!


 HO Scale - Handcar & Pushcar Kit 1-Set/Kit Tichy Train Miniatures

 Handcar may be built with or without seats. Parts are injection molded Styrene and assembly & finish is required. H





HO Scale - 20-Pane Industrial Masonry Window w/Tilting Center & Glazing-2pcs Grandt Line/Tichy HO/1:87

HO Scale: 84" x 114" / OPENING SIZE 1.200" x 1.325" DETAIL PARTS are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED plastic parts and Assembly & Finish are Required.


HO Scale - Wooden Pallets & Skids (18+9 total) Scale Model Masterpieces

Wooden Pallets/Skids (18pallet Tops-HO 40" x 48... PLUS 9 pallet bottoms)

Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Resin, Wood, Plastic, and/or White Metal parts-Assembly & Finish Required. 

Dumpsters w/Open & Closed Lids (4pcs-2ea)
California Freight & Details Co  N & HO
Description for this item:... ...CALIFORNIA FREIGHT & DETAILS N/Nn3/1:160-Scale #... Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Natural Resin or Labstone  parts-Assembly & Finish Required. Assembly using Doctor Ben's Hypo-Cement for tiny... Part Number: CAL1153
"Short Line Stone Depot" Kit 
Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces HO & O Scales
Waitin' on the 5:05 A shrill whistle breaks the stillness of the evening air. Soon the little engine with a single combine in tow will round the curve and pull up to the tiny depot. The 5:05 is right on time. Originally, Thomas A. Yorke called this station the Rocopilla Depot. The original Rocopilla Depot kit had no specific prototype, but the basic construction techniques used for this model were inspired by a little station south of the border... CLICK HERE
Doctor Ben's Product Review!
by Brett Wiley
I LOVE making metal roofs and adding metal siding to my structures. The metal roof, when applied right, painted well and weathered to look like an old rusty metal roof just looks awesome. Now I understand that you don’t have to paint metal roofing/siding to look rusted and worn, but that’s just our style and we like the tired and old feeling for our buildings. CLICK HERE

Happy President's Day Sale!

  What to do? Heck! President's Day is only once a year, so how about 5% Off Website Wide for your purchases of $25 or more! What this means is spend at least $25 (website only; Ebay & Etsy Stores NOT included) and your whole order is discounted 5% Off when you use the below Code at Checkout.

  Please use the Code: pres2020 - no code, no discount offer. Sale ends Midnight EST Monday, February 17, 2020! Also, Built up models & OOP Craftsman kits are not included in this Special.

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