Here Comes  Pumpkin Lattes!

  Yes, you guessed it; Fall is our *VERY* favorite Season of the year! The A/C units run less frequently, the lawn growth is slowing down, Hurricane Season is winding down, and the Pumpkin Latte is back!
 That said, it’s been a very busy Summer which is probably a result of a lot of folks either out of work or now working from home. I find it very relaxing to construct & weather models which could be what some folks are doing during their work-from-home Break Time! We've still got a bunch of casting to get caught up on as our non-aluminum Corrugation (HO & N scales) including Corrugation. We spoke with some more folks interested in our business since the last Newsletter and there are still quite a few interested prospects (see investment opportunity below) despite the Pandemic.  Our High School students who are now in face-2-face class rooms are enjoying being back at school. Our Georgia County (1 of 149 counties) has almost 180,000 Kindergarten through 12 grade students and mask wearing is required of all students plus faculty, administration, bus drivers, and maintenance staff. As we wrap up the second month of this school semester the Positive Test Rate for our county is 0.36% which is pretty good compared to the other 148 counties.
   A list minute notice from our website hosting company is that tonight fro10PM September 16 EDT through 10AM September 17, 2021 our web sites(s) will probably experience access interruptions as they move our domains to a “new” server. You may need to refresh your browsers in the event you experience a service intruption.
   That's it for today. We'll see you in the Hobby Room ... we'll be the once wearing masks with freshly washed hands!!
Canvas Covered Machinery/Pallet #2 (2pc) N, HO, S & O Scales
Scale Model Masterpieces

Former California Freight & Details Co
Canvas Covered Machinery/Pallet #2 (2pc)... . Scale Model Masterpieces DETAIL PARTS are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Color-Cast resin and/or Labstone parts. Assembly using most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air.. More Info Here
Stacks 'O Sacks-Corner/L-Shape/Large (2pcs) N, HO, S & O Scales
Scale Model Masterpieces

Former California Freight & Details Co
Canvas Covered Machinery/Pallet #2 (2pc)... . Scale Model Masterpieces DETAIL PARTS are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Color-Cast resin and/or Labstone parts. Assembly using most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air...More Info Here
Got Weathering Questions?
  We receive lots of weathering & finish questions every week and every so often we receive a question that i feel other modelers may be interested in reading:
  "I have some of your black weathering solution/stain. I want to use it (or something more effective) to highlight the seams and gaps around the various panels and doors on a Galloping Goose model without leaving much residue on the main part of the panels."
 REPLY:  After stirring the Doctor Ben's product real well, use a spoon to move some of the Doctor Ben's into a small cup and add half as many spoons of Isopropyl Alcohol (70%) into the same cup and stir. The use a small round brush to pick up the mixture and aim the brush into the seams and gaps around the various panels and doors.
  Wet a clean paper towel with the alcohol to wipe off any Doctor Ben's from where you don't want it. Allow it to dry and if it's not dark enough, repeat until you like what you see.
  Pretty simple, huh? Send us some pics of the finish model we can post on our website! Got more questions? ASK!
Roof Top Access Stairway Shed (4pcs) N/Nn3/1:160-Scale
Scale Model Masterpieces

Former California Freight & Details Co.

Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Natural Labstone parts-Assembly & Finish Required. Assembly using Doctor Ben's Hypo-Cement for tiny delicate parts as well as most... More info Here

the Rustic Stone & Frame Factory Kit HO & O Scales

Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model MasterpiecesThomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces

 Currently, a "work in  progress", this 1978 Thomas A. Yorke Ent kit (Now Scale Model Masterpieces) is receiving whole  new (and some original) update. Most everything you  see in the images as well as  quite a bit of other stuff that you don't see as this update progresses. Keep checking back at our website Blog for the updates—we've got some great ideas planned!

   All of the casting for this model are made from  "original" Thomas A. Yorke molds/masters and cast in Labstone/Dental (Buff) for much more  superior detail than casting made of Hydrocal© can produce.
  The windows, doors,  and some other details are Grandt Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces Line product molded plastic. Doctor Ben's  Roofing material is provided as well as the instruction for its  application.
 Each kit has updated instructions are to make construction more applicable  to changes of materials and modeling techniques.

This brand new update includes  detailed construction drawings (SEE  adjacent THUMBNAILS), scale lumber, Precision Cut template & content sheThomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces ets, barrels and boxes, outhouse/privy (pictured), weathering instructions, color photos, instruction booklet, and much more.

 The original 1978 #O-9105 kit  was originally produced in the produced by Thomas A Yorke and although there have been some variations, this craftsman kit includes the best aspects of previous versions..

And yes, Doctor Ben's Weathering would look good on the roof. At right is the Front Elevation view of this kit. Booklet Instruction include is a color photographs!

Instant Age Weathering Solution 8oz
Doctor Ben’s Scale Consortium

It's Back! Available Again!
Doctor Ben's Instant Age Ready-To-Use Weathering Solution #1153-8oz Jar... About This Auction... When I first began building Fine Scale Miniatures kits (manufactured by George Sellios) many years ago, the part that I enjoyed the most was the weathering. Nothing irked me more than to build a model...More Info Here .
HO & N Corrugated Material Roofing/Siding-Aluminum & Metallic Composite Cardstock
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
Just a few years ago DEBenLLC purchase the "original" Sequoia Scale Models tooling for N, HO, S & O scale Corrugated Materials. Since then, we have introduced of the HO Metallic Cardstock Corrugated Material we have received multiple Positive Reviews for this high quality scale craftsman product. We promise that you too will find this product accurate to scale and incredibly easy to use. We hope that you will share your experiences with your fellow modelers!... Part Number: DBZ6210

2021 PIEDMONT PILGRIMAGE is Coming Online! 

This event is FREE to the public! 

 November is National Model Railroad Month!  The Piedmont Division of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRAcelebrates November with a public "tour" of great model railroads in the Atlanta Area.

Open House Layout Tours Because of COVID-19 concerns last year, the 2020 Piedmont Pilgrimage was "virtual", with video-only layout tours.   With the pandemic on the decline in our area earlier this year, and with changing CDC and local government guidelines for in-person gatherings, we are returning to at least some "open house" tours for 2021.   We are also producing a limited number of new "virtual" (video-only) tours that will be available on this website.

GoFundMe - Help purchasing a model railroad business
Message GFM Update from Randell James
  "We are also looking for 5 or 6 people that would be interested in investing $10,000 to help us along. We are working on a package that will provide an investor a good return on money and a 5 year plan to receive your investment back to you. If all projections and plans go well, this will be low risk with good return. business plan almost completed and hope to have investment plan together and reviewed that all is done legally. Fill free to contact me...."
  Plans are to also... We want to give back to our community by supporting schools and non-profits. We also want dedicate some profits to GoFundMto help others as we have been helped.  CLICK HERE or Image at Right for much more information!
  Debbie & I hope that you will support Randy & Penny to reach their GFM Goal to purchase the Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas A Yorke Ent. business! Please Share this Post so we can spread the word about this fantastic opportunity!

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