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 "How-To Turn Toys into Models"
  Doctor Ben’s has one of the most comprehensive selections of weathering products that you will ever find. For some modelers, new and experienced, the choices can be overwhelming. The following How-To Booklet #1 will provide a brief oversight into each of the Doctor Ben's weathering products and provide some background, as well as the benefits, of each of the products. 

   Additionally, each Doctor Ben's Weathering product line has a How-To booklet that provides techniques that, by using them, enable both the novice and experienced modeler to recreate the look that is described in each booklet. In the event that you have a specific issue that you are unable to resolve, please call or send us an email with your questions, and we will be happy to assist you in your weathering challenge. Discussion is continued in the Doctor Ben's BLOG...

  We have added the complete How-To #1 booklet with color photos to our Doctor Ben's BLOG: Tips & Techniques. This was the very first How-To Booklet that Debbie & I first published (still to this day) and although some things have changed, the basic techniques of this informative booklet remain consistent when seeking to achieve realistic weathering success. 

   And realizing that not everyone is appreciative of the our using this BLOG as a means of sharing this booklet & its valuable information, we are bringing back an old friend. Some of you; hopefully many of you, may remember that many, many moons ago we offered a Free-How-To-#1 with the $20+ purchase of any Doctor Ben's Product combinations. Yes, this was a real event. Fortunately, for you, this new website enables us to bring back this offer without all the hassles purchasing the item, then refunding the payment, then having to do the invoice editing, etc. Isn't technology wonderful?

  Also remember that all Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution Sets include the Doctor Ben's How-To #1: Turning Toys into Models booklet. You still may like to take advantage of this offer when purchasing a Weathering Solution Set and receive How-To #2 or How-To #3 as a substitute for the #1 booklet already in the set. Not a problem! Just be sure to make a note of this in the 'Comments' section of your Shopping Cart..Just remember, you must purchase at least $20 of Doctor Ben's Product(s) AND have added the How-To #1 Booklet to your Shopping Cart for the Promotion Code to work.  Otherwise, you get a stupid error that tells you that you ave not done the above mentioned! And yes, you may still purchase products other than Doctor Ben's Products to take advantage of this Promotion. Copy & paste this 
Promotion Code in the Apply Coupon box : Free-How-To-#1

    Lastly, you are welcome to make comments to our BLOG topics, but you must log into your account to post a comment. As always, if you have questions, Please Ask!