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Welcome to Photos of Susan Ray's model building using Doctor Ben's & Scale Model Masterpieces Products. Please read on ...

Susan Ray Photo Description #0: Waiting...






Susan Ray Photo Description #1: Pawn Shop Awning - made from cardboard, painted with black acrylic paint, several coats. Allow to dry completely. Make sure to obtain complete coverage. Lettering applied. Modge Podge applied to entire surface. Allow to dry. Ballast Gray brushed sparingly over the entire awning and wiped back. Realistic rust added to spots on the awning brackets.


Susan Ray Photo Description #2: Roof - Bracing built for the inside of the building to support cardboard roof. Roof affixed. Roof painted with black acrylic paint, several coats, allowing each coat to dry before proceeding. Apply last black coat, then immediately (while the paint is still wet) apply tissue to the surface. Allow the paint to soak into the tissue flattening any raised surfaces. Allow, once again, to dry before painting an additional black coat over tissue. When dry, apply Modge Podge to the entire surface. Let dry completely until clear and not sticky.


Susan Ray Photo Description #3: Slate tiles at the front of the roof - Apply cardboard tiles to roof with Elmer's Glue and allow to dry, mix Apple Barrel black and maroon acrylic paint to create a dark tile finish. Allow to dry. Apply weathered rust over tiles, touch areas with realistic rust in small areas. Prop up several tiles to create aged look. Apply Modge Podge over tiles.


Susan Ray Photo Description #4: Fence - set fencing in final position, add Instant Age, Realistic Rust and Weathered Rust in spots to create age.




Susan Ray Photo Description #5: Buildings - paint the buildings as you wish. Apply Grimmy Dust Buff, Pond Scum, Worm Concrete or Rustic Barn Red stain to different building colors to create a diversity of palette. Apply a coat a Modge Podge. When dry apply Instant Age to fill in cracks.


Susan Ray Photo Description #6: Apply Muddy River Bottom and Ballast Gray to create wanted effect. Wipe away anything not desired. (I must thank my friends on the HO Modelers Facebook page for their tips and tricks that helped me with the "tar" roof here).





Susan Ray Photo Description #7: Cobblestones - Apply Rustic Barn Red to raw Hydrocal cobblestone varying the coverage so that some of the cobblestones are lighter than others. Add Ballast Gray for light area coverage and Oily Crud for mortar and dark areas.



Susan Ray Photo Description #8: Waiting...






Susan Ray Photo Description #9: Waiting...






Susan Ray Photo Description #10: Waiting...